9D/8N Snorkeling Bali Komodo

Bali and Kamodo


9 Days From: Sept. 30, 2016   To: Dec. 31, 2020
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9D/8N Snorkeling Bali Komodo



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Includes: Snorkeling Discoveries Cruise Bali Komodo

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day by day breakup



Day 01. Sanur.

Cruising and sailing Indonesia’s vast archipelago allows us to experience native cultures and 
traditions, sea-gypsies and nomadic sea-life. The famous Komodo dragon, a giant lizard that has 
lived isolated from the outside world for thousands of years in the Komodo archipelago is one 
of the highlights of this tour along with beautiful beaches, including the unique red beach, 
exotic sceneries and eclectic destinations that only can be reached by using our traditional 
Phinisi schooner, KM Bidadari.
The Indonesia archipelago stretches along the “rings of fire”, a series of volcanic islands that 
includes Mt Tambora (a great eruption in 1885) in Sumbawa, Mt Rinjani in Lombok, “wishing 
crater” Lake Satonda island and Mt Sangeang (a volcanic sea mountain) are the highlights of 
this cruise.
We will start our tour at a restaurant in Sanur, a tourist area less-crowded than the infamous 
Kuta area. Here you can enjoy some fine coffee and cake before we leave. After some 
refreshments we will head to Amuk Bay where KM Bidadari anchors and awaits us.
On the way we will stop at Taman Nusa, located on the way to Amuk Bay, here we will see a 
miniature of Indonesia in 15 hectares of land. This display showcases the diversity of the nation 
Archipelago and includes a full scale traditional house from each of the 33 provinces in the 
Indonesian’s archipelago.
Tenganan Village near Padang Bay is the next destination and we will see how the early 
Balinese people lived their life. The village residences have kept their own culture with 
traditions unchanged for generations. We will have lunch on the beachside restaurant in 
Padang Bay and a visit to Water Castle Palace before we meet KM Bidadari in Amed Bay. 
Aboard KM Bidadari we will commence our voyage as we set sail to Moyo Island.



Day 02. Moyo Island.


Moyo Island welcomes us with its unique scenery which is very different from Bali. Sir Alfred 
Wallace discovered Moyo in 1800. He noticed that the flora and fauna of the islands to the west 
have more in common to the Asiatic species, while the islands to the east appear to be 
influenced more by species found in Australia.
We will visit a traditional island village, home to the Bajao tribe that are also known as “sea-
gypsies” tribe. We will walk along the narrow streets in the village and experience the their 
cultural life. Here we will also witness a performance of traditional music and dance. With lunch 
provide onboard we will cruise to Satonda island.
The saltwater crater lake of Satonda created by the great Mt Tambora vulcano that erupted in 
1815, one of the biggest eruptions in history is a sight you won’t forget. Swimming at Satonda 
saltwater lakes will give you the different sensations due to the higher buoyancy of the water.
Some people believed that by hanging a small rock in the wishing tree will make their wish 
come true, and when it is you will have to return visit to the tree (that will be your next cruise 
with us!). In the afternoon we will spend time beachcombing, beach volleyball or snorkeling in 
the beautiful coral garden of Satonda. In the evening we will witness thousands of flying foxes 
as they commute at dusk to seek for food in the main land.
At night we will cruise to Wera in Sumbawa.



Day 03. Wera, Buginese ship builder

The morning at Wera will be busy strolling the village and see their daily life. Wera’s village live 
from their skill of making traditional Buginese Phinisi Schooner boat, very similar to KM 
BIdadari. They also make hand-woven ‘ikat’ a fully manual hand woven fabric ornamented 
unique to Wera and and influence of Buginese people. The village life also a unique kind of 
itself, the shape of houses and their daily cultures are in today agenda.
While having lunch provided onboard the ship, we set cruise to Island GIli Banta an uninhabited 
island and a perfect place for some excellent swimming, snorkeling, paddle-boarding and 



Day 04. Rinca Island

In the early morning, we arrived and trekking for Komodo Dragon in Loh Liang – Rinca island. 
We can spot the dragons and the nest apart with wild monkeys, and water buffalos. The 
scenery from top of the hill in Rinca shows a magnificent views.
Gili Lawa Darat
While lunch onboard, we set course to GIli Lawa darat, we trekking a hill that offers 
breathtaking views that show the islands of Komodo.  We will be here until the sunset.



Day 5


Dragon’s Den, Walks with the dragons
Wake up in the bay of Loh Liang, Komodo Island. The famous one of the 80 island that makes 
up the Komodo archipelago. After a morning briefing of our tour leader, we will ashore and  set 
foot in the ranger station and trek around the island. The trekking will take approximately 2,5 
hours, we will meet the Komodo dragon, water buffalos, wild deer, rugged landscape and 
savannah like island.
We will also visit Komodo village, native people in the island that believed that the Komodo 
dragon is their ancester. After these exciting morning our next destination is pick beach.
The Red-Beach or some people called Pink Beach is our afternoon destination for today. We 
enjoy snorkeling, swimming and beachcombing in this unique beach. Night we are cruising to 
Mt Sangeang.



Day 06. Mt Sangeang Island.

The Mt Sangeang “black sands beach” is on an active volcanic island. We will spend the morning 
on the beach with swimming and snorkeling available. We will spend the afternoon on board 
and cruise to Bungin Island in the north east of Sumbawa.



Day 07. Bungin Island.

In Bungin Island live the Bajao people whose culture seems locked in a time capsule. We will 
see how they transformed their original maritime life living on boats to a land based life. 
Walking through the village their houses and narrow streets will give us an idea of their 
adapted cultures and lifestyles.



Day 08. Lombok Interiors, Gili Nanggu, Gili Tangkong.


We start the morning in the northern area of Lombok visiting a local traditional Sasak village 
and observing their culture. We will also visit a pottery village and have lunch in a local 
restaurant giving you the opportunity to taste the local traditional food.
We will meet the boat at the southern harbor of Lembar and continue our journey to Gili 
Tonight’s dinner is a BBQ party where the crew will prepare a bonfire for you to enjoy, an ideal 
way to celebrate our cruise and remember the unforgettable times you experienced on the 
cruise. We will enjoy a quiet sunset in Gili and relaxing on the beach provides an ideal end to 
the day. We will enjoy a quiet sunset in Gili and relaxing on the beach provides an ideal end to 
the day. At night we will sail back to Bali across the Lombok straits.



Day 09. Bali

After an easy start to the day, our crew will say goodbye and prepare your luggage and 
equipment. We disembark at Serangan island, allowing you time to continue your vacation or 
fly back home.

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