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Thimphu, Paro, Trongsa , Bumthang and Punakha

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Travel packages that we offer:

Big Bhutan Tour is a licensed tour operator based
in Thimphu, Bhutan. We host visitors and guests
from around the world, yearning to experience
Bhutan in its purest form and eager to take back
home a slice of this Himalayan Shangri-la.

Bhutan is a small country that offers big
experiences. From the spectacular beauty of
its landscape, an arcane culture straddling
the medieval and the modern, the simple way
of life, the rich tradition of tantric form of
Buddhism to the development paradigm of Gross
national happiness, Bhutan offers just the kind of
experience you are looking forward to.

And we, at Big Bhutan Tours, are there to make
this possible for you! We just don't take you around
for sightseeing. We make you live the moments, in
a fashion that is uniquely Bhutanese.

Travel packages that we offer:
Cultural Tours:
1. Roar of the Dragon Tour
2. Festival Tour
3. Finding Shangri-La tour
4. On the trail of the Dragon tour
5. Experience Bhutan Tour
6. Bhutan Up-close Tour
7. Bhutan Sojourn Trip
8. Across the Himalayas Tour
Eco Tours:
1. The Ultimate Birding Trip
2. The Manas safari
3. Nabji-Korphu Trek
4. Hike in Bhutan Tour
Featured Tours:
1. Bhutan Photography Tour
2. Mountain Biking Tour
3. Mindfulness Tour
4. Media Tours
Adventure Treks & Tours:
1. Snowman Trek I (exit Sephu)
2. Jomolhari Trek
3. Dur Hotspring Trek
4. Druk Path Trek
5. Chelela Trek
6. Laya Gasa Trek



JD House, Thori Lam, Thimphu
Landline #: +975-2-336438
Mobile #:+975-17979745/17247878

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