India -A Shoppers Paradise


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India -A Shoppers Paradise

India - A Shopper's Paradise - The Golden Traingle

DELHI -JAIPUR & AGRA : Extravagant! Impulsive! Just the tour for you.  Silks, spices, antiques, jewellery and many other Indian products have long been famous and widely desired. Each region has its own specialties, each town its own local craftsmen, its own particular skills. The results are a consummate blend of ancient skills and modern aesthetics. The Indian market is rich in fabrics, silverware, carpets, leather work, antiques the list is endless. India is Indeed a shopper's paradise. Goods are exotic, attractive, beautiful hand-crafted and excellent value for money. Half the fun when buying goods in the bazaars is the bargaining and you can always check for reasonable prices.

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