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Home stay in Ajjanamane/ shimoga

AjjanaMane is ideally situated in the pristine bio-diverse Western Ghats, within 30 mins from Jog Falls, Linganamakki Dam, Honnemaradu, Sridhara Ashrama, Sigandur,Ikkeri, Bheemeshwara and Sagara and within a couple of hours from Thirthahalli, Shimoga and Sirsi.
Personal Spaces
Each personal space combines a room, a private garden sit-out and a terrace gazebo, allowing guests to feel relaxed and a sense of openness. Rooms are spacious and well appointed with handcrafted local hardwood furniture specially designed to blend traditional style and comfort. You can sit and have a conversation over your favorite inconsequential over a cup of tea in the garden outside your room. You take a stair from the garden to get to your gazebo on the terrace to laze and gaze.
The entrance foyer (Chitte), central courtyard (Thotti), the kitchen and the utility form the shared spaces in the home. The foyer is spacious and fosters vigorous conversations. It is a throwback to the ‘Katte’ style, inviting you to sit anywhere you want to. We believe this will be a favorite place for guests as it also overlooks the property. The tastefully built central courtyard makes you wish you could build such a place for yourself in Bangalore. Enjoy the Sun, Rain, Moon and Stars from inside the home through this courtyard that can also house water for you and your kids to play in. The kitchen is clean and large and allows for full fledged cooking. You are welcome to try your culinary skills in this modern kitchen. The utility area in the back is where you will find a washing machine and a clothes dryer that you can use to ensure you don’t need to carry a truckload of clothes to stay with us. You can have your clothes cleaned and dry in about 4 hours, in any weather. There is one catch though. You will need to plan any such activities as we have noticed that availability of power can be an issue, specifically during summer. Our cookware and cutlery is all washed using a dishwasher to ensure hygiene.
The backyard is our vegetable garden. We have a few vegetables growing already and are working towards trying to grow vegetables that we can use to cook for our guests. While you might not find all you food will come from our local produce, several of them probably will. If you are interested, you can ask to take seeds / plant cuttings of vegetables that we grow.
The frontyard of the property has the traditional arecanut and coconut trees and feels like your regular rural farm. You can test your badminton skills on a clay court. As you would expect, we have cattle and geese in the property. Our cattle provide milk for consumption. The geese spend their time in the neighboring lake and visit the home on rare occasion. They, however, stroll around in the property – generally in a line – making for a great visual and an awesome photo-op. Of course, no farm is complete without a friendly dog and we have our mild-mannered Mallu that ensures you are safe and happy in the property.
Your phone will mostly work in the central courtyard. The signals are reasonably good. We have installed a signal booster to help with this. However, you might not be able to receive good signal inside your room. Internet is generally flaky and it is best if you are using a smart phone for internet. Using a computer for internet can be slightly frustrating as we do not have broadband available in this area. However, if your mobile has data services, we have found that they tend to do better on receiving email and other data that you want to use.
Walk/ Jog / Trek / Bike
This is the outdoors. The area is in the heart of the Western Ghats and is surrounded by hills and winding roads. So, whatever you want to do with nature in nature, this place is among the best there is. There are walking paths, rural roads for cycling and some local trek routes that we can help you with.
Tariff and Booking
There are 3 rooms in AjjanaMane. For convenience purpose we have named it as Earth, Air and Water. Earth is the biggest of three, it is about 600 sqft with a private garden and a gazebo on top. Earth can have upto 6 adults. Air and Water is about 400 sqft with similar facilities like private garden and gazebo. They can take upto 4 adults. There is also an option to book the entire house if you wish to.
This is a strictly vegetarian, alcohol-free, smoking-free, meat-free (non-veg-free) environment. 

All rates include Breakfast with Coffee, Mid-morning Coffee/Tea, Lunch, High-Tea/Coffee, Dinner 

Children under 6 go free. 
Children under 12 charged at ?400 per day. 
Bathroom/Toilets available for domestic help / drivers that accompany you. We will charge a per day ?200 if they are to be served similar food that is served to our guests.
Check in & Check out
Check out will be 24 hours after Check in. You are free to Check in at any time of the day, though we prefer regular hours (5am to 10pm). If you intend to stay for more than 8 hours beyond regular 24 hour periods, (Generally happens when you use train/bus as your means of transport) we will charge the additional time as 40% of daily rate.
1 day(s) - 1 room(s) (Earth)    4,200.00
1 day(s) - 1 room(s) (Air)        3,200.00
1 day(s) - 1 room(s) (Water)   3,200.00
1 day(s) - 2 room(s) (Earth and Water) 7,300.00
1 day(s) - 2 room(s) (Earth and Air)     7,300.00
1 day(s) - 2 room(s) (Air and Water)    6,400.00
1 day(s) - 3 room(s) (Entire Home)      9,400.00

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