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7 Days From: Sept. 30, 2016   To: Dec. 31, 2040
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If you are a big adventure freak and haven’t explored Bagini Glacier till now then definitely you are missing out something very amazing in your life.



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Includes: Bagini Glacier - ChangBang base camp

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day by day breakup



1st day

About the Experience

If you are a big adventure freak and haven’t explored Bagini Glacier till now then definitely you are missing out something very amazing in your life. Just pack your bags immediately and head trekking towards Bhagini Glacier. Bagini Glacier is located in Uttrakhand with a maximum altitude of 14816 ft.

Trekking to Bhagini Glacier requires 8 days. First day you need to drive towards Joshimath which is approx 256 km from Haridwar. Second day initially you will drive towards Jumma which is approx 44 km or an hour ride from Joshimath. From Jumma village the actual trek will start towards Ruing Village (2800 Mtr). In Jumma you will feel brutal wind as it lies near the Tibetan Border.

Your trekking will start it walking in a steel suspension bridge over Dhauliganga. Trekking from Jumma to Ruing village takes 2-3 hours. The way towards Ruing goes through steep forest. Once reached Ruing village you can stay in the local panchayat ghar only if the villagers allow but if not than you need to trek 2-3km further to reach a grass land and you can pit the tent there and stay for the night.

The next day you will trek towards Dronagiri Village (3610 meters). The trek towards Dronagiri village will be mostly through the forest. The advantage you have trekking towards Dronagiri is that every moderate climb is followed by a level walk. In the way you get to see so many wild flowers and colorful birds.

On the way you will also get to see the beautiful Bagini stream flowing. Hard part of the trek is 1 km of stretch which passes through the landslide and another 1km level walk on a cemented path brings you to Dronagiri. Camping in Dronagiri is not allowed but you can camp at the outskirt of the village.

On the fourth day you move towards base camp. Fom the way yow will be able to take a glimpse of Rishi Peakand Bagini Nala. You will cross a bridge over Bagini Nala. Further in the way you will view only boulders. After walking for some 1 and half hour you can see some grass with a stream flowing along side.

You can camp here for night and enjoy the view. Next day i.e. the fifth day you head towards Bagini Glacier. If you want to view the sunrise from the Changabang base camp you need to head up early. The way will ascend towards Changabang viewing many cracks in the Bagini glacier.

You can view many peaks from Changbang, Kalnka like Hathi Parvat (6507 meters)Grarur PeakTrishuli and many others. The same day you will come back to the base camp and rest there for the night. On the sixth day you will trek back towards Ruing village through Dronagiri village.

It would be good for you to start the trek for the day as early as possible because snow will be hard in the morning and you can walk easily but later on it will start melting and your feet might sink. Again this night you will stay in the Ruing village remembering back all the old memories when you were heading towards Bagini Glacier. On the day seventh you come back to Joshimath and next day from Joshimath to Haridwar ending up your amazing 8 day trek.

Bagini Glacier runs down northwards from Changabang & Trishuli peaks (in North-West rim of Nanda-Devi Sanctuary) and then the Bagini melt river turns westwards where it is joined by Dunagiri Glacier waters running down from Purbi-Dronagiri ridge. Further west, it is joined by the Lampak stream and finally flows into the Dhauli-Ganga, just north of Jumma Village. We reached Jumma Village by Max-Jeep from Joshimath on 14th June 2011 and then trekked via Ruing & Dronagiri Villages and along the Bagini Glacier to finally stare, in awe, at the snow peaks of Rishi-Pahad, Hardeol, Kalanka, Changbang and Trisuli Peaks

Tentative tour progrma ::--->  place that cover on Bagini Glacier Trek ::--->
Joshimath -> Jumma -> Ruing
Ruing -> Dronagiri (11,500ft)
Dronagiri -> Thapapani -> Bagini Glacier -> Changbang base camp
Changabang base camp -> Ruing
Ruind Joshimath -> Joshimath
Joshimath -> Rishikesh

Baginig base camp and Changa Bang Trek Visible peaks can been seen on the trek ::
a) ChangaBang (6864m)
b) Rishi Pahad (6992m)
c) Kalanka (6931m)
d) Bagini Peak (5000-something)
e) Garuda Peak (5000-something)
f) Dronagiri (7066m) - Barely visible.
e) Gauri Parvat (6708m)
f) Hathi Parvat (6727m)


Day by day Tour Program for Bagini Glacier Trek ::---->
Bagini glacier, in Garhwal Himalaya, is at the height of around 12,000 ft. It is the Base Camp for Changa Banga, Dunagiri and Kalanka peaks.

Starting from Joshimath you have to reach Jumma which is almost two hours journey (42 km) by Jeep/car towards Malari.
 Jumma to Ruin village (7500 ft). You have to cross Dhauliganga firstly to go to the other side. It took one and half hour for us to reach the village. The road is comfortably accessible for any moderate trekker. Accommodation is available at private houses, one Panachyet office.




2nd Day

Ruin to Dunagiri. It is long stretch of 10km according to local people. Track goes through some dense forest with the Bagini river on your left side. Landscape is nice. Before reaching Dunagiri village (11500 ft) there are some steep climb where the track is little bit tricky. After that you will reach a valley below Dunagiri village with concrete path leading to the village and Panchayet office. Recently one bunglow has been established by tourism department which is yet to be inaugurated. We were allowed to stay at Panchayet office. Water is available by the side of the Office.




3rd Day

 At first you have to go to the top of the ridge above the village and then the path goes down on the other side down towards the river (Bagini nallha) with a concrete bridge to cross over to the other side. The path goes upwards slowly crossing some green fields (Rangatoli) and after that it is through boulders. This phase of the track needs attention to negotiate properly. After crossing three ridges there is a place to pitch tents. It is called lower Bagini.(12300 ft).



4th Day

 One can move and stay at upper Bagini which is about three hours trek. Path goes over moraine and fields. Water source is available at upper Bagini (14530 ft) also. Changa Banga peak is visible from this area. You can come back to lower Bagini camp if want to.



5th Day

 One can come down to Dunagiri village from upper Bagini or lower Bagini.



6th Day

 From Dunagiri to Jumma. Drive to Joshimath. 3hours drive.



7th Day

 Drive to Haridwar.


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