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Fun Activities In Kabini

Jeep & Boat Safari

The highlight at Kabini is definitely the Wildlife Safaris. Waterwoods is situated on the periphery of Nagarhole National Park, one of the only wildlife parks in India approachable by land and water for wildlife viewing purposes.

Nagarhole spreads itself over 642 sq. km. and is home to one of the highest populations of Elephants, Leopards, Spotted Deer, Gaurs and Tigers in India.

The Safari tours are conducted by the Karnataka Forest Department twice a day at 6:30am and 4:00pm via boat and jeep depending on weather conditions and availability.

Dress Code for Safari

It is equitable to wear clothing whose colours mesh with the environment. Suggested colours are browns, greens, grey, khaki etc. Please ensure that very bright colours like Red, White and Yellow are Not used while on Safari. Co-operation on this subject is highly appreciated.

Note: All Safaris are subject to rules and regulations laid down by the ‘Karnataka Forest Department’ and are susceptible to change to fit in their modes of Governance.  The management of Waterwoods shall therefore not be responsible in the unlikely event of such changes falling into place.



Bheemankoli: Sacred Grove

A Boat cruise, Nature walk and Heritage Temples are all part of the tour to Bheemankoli – a small peninsular encompassing a few hundred acres of old growth trees and palm oil plantations.

Numerous species of birds are found in this area with regular sightings of Brahmini Kites, Grey Hornbills, Parakeets, Ibis, Cormorants and more. Our Naturalist - equipped with binoculars and books on ornithology will help you identify various indigenous and migratory birds at Bheemankoli.

You will come across two abandoned temples built by the Chola Dynasty over 700 years back. Powerful energies resonate from these ancient structures taking you back in time.

Ancient temples from the Chola Dynasty (see the Bheemankoli Gallery for more pics)

The landmark of this sacred grove is an awe inspiring Banyan Tree dating back over 600 years. Walk under and around this massive structure covering over an acre in space, and for those thrill seekers climbing this monumental being is for you!

Evening visitors are sure to experience a stunning sunset from the Shiva Temple – the last destination on this sacred journey. Mahadeswara-A Shiva incarnation is a popular deity in this region, with his famour abode in Male Mahadeswara Hills, located about an hour from Kabini.


Animal Sightings

Kabini is well known for it splendid animal sightings that are rich in diversity and high in number. Like any other deciduous forests in the tropics, probability and frequency of sightings vary through the year with variations in water availability through the seasons. To stay up to date with our latest wildlife sightings.



Road Safari (Govt.of Karnataka) Rs. 1,600 Rs. 1,200
Boat Safari (Govt. of Karnataka) Rs. 1,600 Rs. 1,200
Jeep Safari & Elephant Camp Visit Rs. 500 Rs. 250
Boat Cruise to Bheemankoli Island Rs. 500 Rs. 250
River Kayaking Rs. 200/30 mins Rs. 200/30 mins
All Terrain Vehicle Rs. 500/20 Mins NA

- Safari Rates (Govt. of Karnataka) for Foreign Guests- Rs.2,630 (Adult) Rs.1,752 (Child) 
- Safari Rates and Activities are Exlusive of Taxes 
- Due to a limit on the Carrying Capacity in the Forest, we are able to gaurantee only 1 Safari per person/day

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