A huge gambling industry with a lot of wealth ,or we could call it the Las Vegas of Asia "Macau".

Macau is one of China's most interesting cities. What makes Macau really intresting though, is the awsome Mediterranean look.The city is the site of the Basilica de Sao Paulo, one of the most important monuments of Christianity in China.

Don't go to Macau expecting it to be like a traditional China town, or huge skylines like Hong Kong.Macau is completely modernized and beautiful like we have just entered any  American or European city.Taking the ferry to Macau from Hong  Kong city, running through the terminals.And surprised to know that we need a visa stamping on our passport to Macau came as a surprise to me.The beautiful ferry ride and as soon as you land in Macau you get the fell of being in another continent.(China least comes to your mind) 
The luxury shuttle buses which belong to differnt luxury hotels, awaiting for its guest.The experince is mind blowing.The ride from the Macau ferry to the main Macau city center just makes you think if you landed in America.The beautifuly built huge bridges,Zig Zag lanes and yes the beautiful clean streets just amazes you.Reaching the Venetian Hotel and just watching the crowd will leave your jaws wide open.The Venetian Hotel is damn huge,you could easily get lost if you dont know where your heading to. Sadly Macau can be a trip for not more than 2 or 3 days.There are two Venetian Hotels in the world,one in Macau and another in Las Vegas.Living in the Venetian Suite room is a life time stay one can experince,Its the best for couples and newly weds.Within the Venetian apart from the beautiful suite rooms and casino centers, you will find an amazing place for shopping and yes women may go almost crazy. The best brands from clothes to shoes to jewellery to chocolates.You will find them all.
My worst night mare was yes to taste some korean food for a change and yes they tasted like Pedigree chums.There is a small venice within the Venetian,a Italian themed casino.Its said that the Macau Venetian is owned by the  Las Vegas Sands.
Few Places To See In Macau are

Historic Centre of Macau
The Historic Centre of Macau is a World Heritage Site. This place Macau owes to its numerous historic monuments, including the ruins of Saint Paul's Cathedral,a lighthouse as well as colonial colourful buildings and historical streets.

Macau has become one of the biggest centres for gambling around the world and it is to be expected that within the near future there will be more casinos than in Las Vegas.And the nest to catch a glimplse of it is in Venetian.
Macau is rather a place to relax for 2 or 3 days and for someone who wants to experince luxury and have a laid back vacation.Getting your family or coming with friends or traveling solo,Macau suits all kind of travellers.
If you do not know much about Chinese food , then please stick with Dumplings/Momos or Fried rice or just jump into one of the KFC or Dominos or simply stick with your Indian Roots and go for some Butter Chicken and Naan or Rice.
Macau truely made a trip for me to remember.

Macau generally has warm to hot weather with relatively high humidity. The worst months are from May/June to September when the temperatures are above 30 °C during the day and at night it doesn't get any cooler than 25 °C.The times I was there was the hottest time of the year I guess.
Picture Credit commons.wikimedia

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