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West Sumatra is famous for its unique culture and its beautiful mixture of mountains and tropical white sandy beaches. Padang is the capital city, located on the west coast of Sumatra, Indonesia. West Sumatra is also the home of Minang kabau, the one from few tribe which practice matriarchate in the world. In this province, you will see how the culture, people, Islam and nature fuse, especially in Ranah Minang.


Indonesia's capital of spicy food. A historical Dutch town, was one of the most important harbour in Duth East Indies. Visit its colourful Old Town, Old Harbour and Chinatown.
Is a small town with pleasant weather all year. You can reach this town by bus from Padang or from the airport. It is 2 hours by bus and you can view unique and beautiful scenery along road. Bukittinggi is surounded by the Barisan Hills and two big mountains, Singgalang Mountain and Marapi Mountain. You can go trekking on this two mountains. You can also find a magnificent canyon in town,( Sianok Canyon). Near to Sianok Canyon you can also find a long tunnel, and people called this tunnel the Japanese tunnel. There are so many ancient villages around Bukittinggi which all have traditional and unique cultures.
Padang Panjang 

A mountain market town. There are some interesting places like Pandai Sikek Village, Minangkabau Information and Documentation Centre, Asasi Nagari Gunung Mosque and Anai Valley. There's also a family theme park and water park, Minang Fantasy


The wildlife paradise at West Sumatra

Solok and South Solok

The land of thousands Rumah Gadang. Visit the Village of Thousand Rumah Gadang and Palace of Rajo Balun. Also visit the twin lakes, Danau Diatas and Danau Dibawah. There's also a UNESCO World Heritage SiteKerinci Seblat National Park.
You can see every kind of natural tropical beauty in this province. Some worth while activities include taking a city tour, hiking or biking.
West Sumatra is for real travellers and wanders who like to Explore places to its best.

The Mentawai Islands are great for surfing.
Lake Maninjau  The most beautiful lake in West Sumatra. A large crater lake.
West Sumatra has tropical climate with hot and humid conditions throughout the year.There is no real dry season just a less wet season which last from February to August. More rain falls from September to January when temperatures during the day are just a few degrees lower as well.
West Sumatra is a great place for lovely food, and its cuisine is one of Indonesia's best. Water buffaloes are a symbol of West Sumatra and are used in rendang, a rich and spicy buffalo meat or beef dish. Padang food comes from West Sumatra.
The Padang food restaurant chains can be found throughout Indonesia and neighboring countries, thus render it as probably the most popular regional dish in Indonesia. Dishes from the region includeNasi Kapau which is similar to Padang food but uses more vegetables.
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