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Do me a favour, Go to google and run an image search on Munnar, tell me if it doesn’t blow your mind for a few moments or so. Well it certainly did the trick for me and now I find myself planning a trip to this place that looks like-

And a bit of-

Get my point? Of course you do.

So here are a few things I would keep in my mind when on a trip to this divine place!


So basically, Munnar is a town in the Western Ghats Mountains in Kerala. Munnar, a hill station and former resort for the British Raj elite, is set within rolling hills dotted with tea plantations established in the 19th century. Eravikulam National Park, home to the endangered mountain goat Nilgiri tahr, is a seasonal trekking destination encompassing the Lakkam Waterfalls and 2,695m-tall Anamudi Peak.

The temperature over there is around 21 degrees so that’s a clear indicative that shorts and sleeveless are not to be packed for this trip!


As you can decipher from the images shared above, this place is like the last spoon of Nutella in the jar!  You just can’t get enough of it! So when nature throws such unbelievable visuals at me, I better be ready to capture them in the most obvious ways that I can. So a good camera is a must!


Rajamalai (Eravikulam) National Park

Lock Heart Gap

Lakkam Waterfalls

Chinnar Wildlife Sanctuary

Muniyara Dolmens

Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary


I am going to be in Kerala, the hub of Ayurvedic spa treatments, it would be a crime of epic proportions if I do not indulge myself during the course of this trip! There are many Ayurveda centres and spas in the region, where visitors can indulge in various traditional massages and therapies. Kerala Tourism Development Corporation (KTDC) offers Ayurveda packages at hotels and resorts of this hill station, so that’s a bonus. Ahhhh I feel spoilt already!


Perhaps no sport is as adventurous and satisfying as mountain biking. The ultimate form of adventure, mountain biking would allow me to conquer rough terrain and master sharp turns and rocky paths.

As long as I have my biking safety gear with me, I guess am ready to feel myself some good adrenaline rush!

So far I have gathered that some popular areas for mountain biking in Munnar include Suryanelli, Vandanmedu, and Periyar.


This is going to be the most adventurous I have ever gotten in my life!

The beautiful countryside and hills of Munnar provide the ideal setting for these adventurous activities. I guess I will acquire the services of professional rock climbers to guide me through this activity. Damn! This is too exciting!

So that takes care of my Munnar checklist, I guess with this am up for some heavy dose of Malayali magic.

Happy Travelling!





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