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Canaima National Park  is in the Gran Sabana region of Venezuela, in the southern state of Bolivar and spread out over 3 million hectares.

Canaima National Park is located in the southeast of Venezuela and is one the UNESCO World Heritage list. It covers a vast table mountain landscape, with some parts covered in thick rainforest.Canaima National Park is the gateway to Angel Falls. Although other waterfalls and lagoons can be visited from Canaima camp, the main reason tourists fly here is for the three-day, two-night trips to the base of Angel Falls.
Angel Falls

With 979 metres, the Angel Falls are the highest free-falling waterfall in the world. It has a single drop of 807 meters.

There is an incredible variety of tropical wildlife in the area, including monkeys, poison arrow frogs and hundreds of species of orchids. Mammals in the area are generally difficult to spot but include giant anteaters, porcupines, three-toed sloths,  jaguars and  pumas.Some of the birds that you can see are king vulture, paradise tanager, white bellbird, cock of the rock ,blue-cheeked parrot and others.

Tropical climate with frequent rainstorms. The driest time of year when the Falls may be dry  is from December to March.
There are no overland routes to the get to Canaima. The only access is by air from Ciudad Bolívar and the capital city of Venezuala "Caracas".
The small walk of Canaima is negotiable by foot.The 30-minute or so walk from the closest point on the river to the base of the Falls is not easy going because of large tree roots on the path and visitors are advised to take sports shoes or such like for this hike.

From Canaima, in the  season when the water is neither too high or too low, you can travel by the motorised boats (also still called curiaras) up the Carrao River, then the Churun river to a landing point where you can then hike through the jungle to the falls. The river portion takes about four hours and you should allow another hour or more for the hike. Canoe access to Angel Falls is not usually available outside of the rainy season.


Angel Falls is deep within the National Park. Visitor flying out to Canaima National Park must also prove they have received a yellow fever vaccination. Those who cannot prove this will be given the vaccination in the airport at Ciudad Bolivar.

The falls is located about 5 hours  ride in a dugout canoe upstream from Canaima village. Most of the Park's attractions can only be visited with a guided tour from Canaima. These can be booked from outside Venezuela, from Caracas, or from Ciudad Bolivar.
The trip towards the fall itself has many attractions. The boat rides and walks through the jungle offer a unique view of Venezuelan flora, fauna, and terrain. If the water flow is mild enough, you can swim in the small pool that forms below the falls.
Apart from trips to Angel Falls, the Canaima National Park offers some challenging trekking, including trips to the 700km² plateau of Auyan-tepui, which can be arranged in Ciudad Bolivar. The trek to the top from the tiny village of Uruyen takes three days on rough tracks, and the final climb up a cleft in the massive rock wall is a tough scramble, but the rewards are immense - the landscape is surreal, with clumps of insect-eating pitcher plants clinging to the bare rock, and unlike Mount Roraima, you'll barely meet another soul.
Camping is not allowed in the region around Angel Falls and this is strictly profibited.
Canaima has always been on my list and this is one places I wanna visit one Day.Not many know that inside the jungles of Canaima Live the Venezuela, Indios Yanomami, Ironavi Tribe,This tribe existed millions of years ago and even today they continue to live that way.
And then there is the Pemon tribe which are spread across the Amzona Jungles of  Venezuala,Columbia and Brazil.
Canaima is a favorite with many Hollywood Film Makers and Cinematographers.
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