Athens, is the capital of Greece and a city that developed year by year since antique times. It’s the biggest city in Greece, but at the same time one of the world’s oldest . Athens has a history of 3,400 years.

You can get here by airplane, land on the International Airport and begin to enjoy your trip. AVA Hotel Athens is one of the finest hotels you will find in Athens. Once you set foot in the hotel, you will be greeted with warmth, pleasure, respect. What I really enjoyed was how clean the hotel was. Not a single particle of dust laying around the place. The font desk guy took care of my checking pretty quick. So I would add integrity to that list. The location also is a strong point, the hotel being close to a few points of attractions and surrounded by shops.

Because Athens is such an old city, it has a a lot of great points of attraction. The few that I got the chance of visiting really had an impact over me. The Acropolis of Athens is a sacred column in the heart of the city , being the most known column in the world. It’s also a part of the UNESCO Heritage Site. The Parthenon is temple dedicated to the Greek goddess Athena Parthenos.

Athens has quite a few temples , that represent great sources of history and culture. The Temple of Hephaistos is the best conserved antique temple in Athens. The Temple of Olympian Zeus, also knows as the Olympieion or Columns of the Olympian Zeus, is a colossal ruined temple built in the memory of the Olympian God, Zeus. The Acropolis Museum is a great way to spend your time as well, learn new things and enjoy your time in Athens.

Most places here in Athens are named after the gods, which is a sign of how much these people care about their culture, past, history and future. Besides being a city of culture, Athens is a city of education, having multiple universities , such as Athens University of Economics and Business, National Technical University of Athens, Hellenic American University and so many more.

In the walking distance from the hotel, there is the famous Daphne’s restaurant that serves Greek food. The interior is classy, being perfect for a small gathering or business meeting. I had a Swordfish , followed by some feta cheese with olives and some red wine. It was one the best meals I had.

Greek people are great. They enjoy their culture and history so much that they’re willing to share it with anyone interested. Athens is one of those city that you will return to.

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