How many of you fancy taking a trip, far or near?
Meeting a motley array of fancy strangers and having a whole new experience? (Do not read between the lines here! I mean well)
Exploring a new place or maybe just getting away from the usual mundane existence?
Now without dwelling further on any more cliches, i will dig right into the topic that gets anyone below the ages 25, excited! (Above that age, you can afford better)
So here is where you start-
Step 1: Find a place that you like, preferably close-by.
Now I live in Karnataka, India which has plenty of really beautiful places around so trips are low-budget by default. So the place that I visited looks like this
See exploring your part of the world a little closely is never a bad idea, but if you idea of a trip is literally travelling to the other side of the world, then planning it thoroughly may come in handy in cutting down your cost.

Step 2: Find a like-minded companion or a group of people
I honestly love the idea of travelling alone, though i haven’t tried it out quite yet, but it definetely features in my action items. So you can begin with zeroing in on a place that the two of you like or a place that has the group’s consensus (Mind you, too many people in the group often leads to cancellation of the trip, so chose your folks wisely, trip well).
So that was my companion for this particular trip. Do not go by her docile appearance, she is wildly adventurous!
Exhibit A
It is on her insistence that we reached our destination, travelling by the wrong bus in the dead of the night! People don’t do that kind of thing, well, when not under the influence of ‘something’..but thats good o’l Akshatha for you, she is like a Stingray, you never know what she is at!
Travelling with a fellow companion reduces your travel cost and at times more the merrier, but try and limit the group to a maximum of 5 people, if not you prefer to travel with a contingent.

Step 3: Choose a place to stay that provides you with just the basic amenities
Now, the whole point of travelling is to explore the outside! So don’t be haughty about the place you stay and lose yourself in the great outdoors! Sorry, am guilty of getting dramatic from time to time, force of habit. But you get my point right? Either way you are going to spend all your entire time in pursuit of happiness, so why we choosy about trivial things like ‘Which hotel/resort to stay?!’. Look for more humbler options, trust me, they do not dissapoint! And Ofcourse, don’t forget to run a background check on the place beforehand.
We are adventurous, not stupid.

Step 4: Make sure you travel with an open mind
A low budget trip will definetely have its fare share of limitations. Akshatha and me, travelled more than six hours in a day by bus without proper seating. We were drenched in the rain with our clothes sticking to us,
and walked through this stretch, but it was worth every instance! As they view from the top is indeed heavenly! Sample this
And this is a quite afternoon there-
Its only when you live through an experience and can laugh at the small little odds that you faced, is when you get to learn something new. Ain’t that fun?! Ofcourse it is!
And looked who we bumped into
These guys constitute part of an unique concept called the Elephant training camp which is kind of a correctional facility for the outlaw Elephants.
I did not know a concept like this existed till I packed my bags for Shimoga! And how glad am I to have done it!
So don’t wait, get moving!
Bye for now

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