Copenhagen is the capital of Denmark and the country is known as one of the richest and most safest countries in the world with zero percent Crime rate and zero percent corruption.Denmark has 99% literacy rate since the Danish govt has made education free and compulsory for every Dane.Copenhagen is one of Europe’s oldest cities. Definitively one of the most cleanest and metropolitan city I ever visited. A world class destination with beautiful canals and narrow streets. A place where you can appreciate the old colourful homes and many amazing palaces.Scandinavian country, Denmark is also a cultural melting pot where old fairy tales blend.Denmark actually offers a lot more than what it’s neighbors Norway or Sweden can offer.

Personally I feel Copenhagen is the place I always wanna go.Its on my top travel list.The most beautful places I have been in recent times.Copenhagen manages to attract more than a million visitors each year.Copenhagen is also known as happiest city's in the world and the best place to live in. People are generally chilled and friendly.

I met  Danish girl  on my Emirates  flight from Dubai to Copenhagen.She was heading back to her home Copenhagen after 3 long years, She told me she was travelling around Australia past 3 and making some money by working in Dairy Farms and at country side farms so that she could travel around.It seemed a very emotional day for her as she was getting back home after a long time. We hit off well after few hours of deep conversation. A fantastic start of my Denmark visit with superb friendly Danish girl.

Similarly to the Dutch, more than half of the population in Copenhagen cycles to work everyday, so the cityscape is domniated by bike lanes and parking space! There are special traffic lights just for the cyclists and the Danish pride themselves to be the best city for cyclists.

The little mermaid bronze statue is one of the most famous landmark in Copenhagen! Inspired by Hans Christian Andersen’s story, the statue was given to city by Carl Jacobsen, a Danish brewer after he saw a ballet of the tale.

The Stroget is Scandinavia’s longest car free shopping zone.The mile long pedestrian shopping street is famous for tax free luxury goods shopping, dining, street entertainment and other popular shopping merchandise. Women (or sometimes men) can indulge in this stress free shopping street.

The first mall I visited was Fisketorvet Mall In the heart of Copenhagen.

The interiors of the Fisketorvet Mall 

I Was Mesmerized By The Over All Look Of this Beautiful Mall.


The Danish loves to relax at the beach and there are many nude beach for skinny dippers in Denmark! The nudists simple love Denmark for many free beaches or the locals call it CO beaches (Clothes Optional). Nudism in Denmark is perfectly acceptable in most of the beaches! So, if you are a nudist, Copenhagen’s beaches are for you.

Copenhagen’s Tivoli Garden inspired Walt Disney is something you must go see yourself once in a life time.The Tivoli Garden, is the second oldest amusement park in the world! The park opened since 1843, and the urban fairy tale park has inspired Walt Disney in their theme park creations! It is Denmark’s most popular attraction and you could spend entire day watching shows, strolling through the flower park and have an adrenaline rush ride of the 720 meter long roller coaster! Imagine Halloween party is held in Tivoli.

Inside the Tivoli Gardens

The architect of the iconic Sydney Opera House was design by a Danish architect Dane Jorn Utzorn. Such artistic place, filled with happy people, clean waters and safe environment, people are usually more creative! How amazing the palaces and buildings in Copenhagen are, they are simply majestic, elegant, exquisitely gorgeous!

Copenhagen has many places to Visit,The Copenhagen Opera House,Many Beautiful Churches around the city.

Copenhagen has plenty of Indian restaurants owned by the Pakistanis and Srilankans. I noticed that Danes are not much fond of spice, but surely they love Indian food.I got to dig in some good Indian food in Copenhagen and I must say the taste and spice was soooooo Indian.The butter Chicken,Raita,Naan and I must mention Baingan Ka Bharta.Yummmm cheekycheekyyes     

The Restaurant called GURU - Indisk Restaurant at Jernbanegade Street 3-5.

The city is so serene, beautiful and clean! Being the happiest, safest, cleanest and best city to live, Copenhagen is definitely the pride of Danishsmiley

“To be happy is, I guess, the most important thing in life” – Mary, Crown Princess of Denmark



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