The old and great Boston it’s our point of interest . Boston it’s the largest city in the Massachusetts area, being considered the unofficial capital of New England because of its economic and cultural impact in this region. The city It’s filled with universities, colleges being an international center for academic studies. The economy is based on research, electronics, finance, engineering transforming Boston into a very powerful city , both economical and cultural.

As I have accustomed you, I got here by airplane , landed and began my trip to Boston city.

After a bit of research I decided to check in at the Taj Boston Hotel, near the Public Garden . After I stepped in the room that I reserved, the vieTw left me mesmerized and I knew I took the best decision to stay here. It’s one of the finest hotels in Boston. In spite of it’s elegance, size and refinement, the hotel crew doesn’t count more than , let’s say 100 people, but I got to say the serving and attendance are really the best. What really amazed me was how clean , dust-free the hotel really is. I could say this is one of the greatest hotels in the United States of America.

What I really like to do when I check in a hotel is to scoop its restaurant and bar. This hotels’ bar and restaurant turned out to be quite a lovely surprise. After a great salad , a tea and some interesting conversation, I decided it’s time to visit the city and discover its greatness.

The first thing you want to do when you come to Boston is to go to the Public Garden. It’s immense and beautiful. Best view you have seen in ages. The diversity of flowers, trees, just blooming, spreading around all kind of scents and vivid colors. That is a great way to spend an afternoon, enjoying your time in the nature. Late spring is the perfect time to come and check out this Boston garden. The main attraction is definitely the Bronze statue of George Washington. From there, I went to the Soldiers and Sailors Monument, kept a moment of silence for those fallen and moved on to Boston Common Visitors Center. From there, I ended up visiting The Paramount Center and the Boston Opera .

Finally, I had a plate of seafood and a glass of red wine, accompanied by some great conversation with a couple of tourists at the Teatro restaurant.

Despite of it’s greatness, the city is easily navigable and not flooded with big masses of people always rushing to places. Boston itself it’s a warm, quite place to visit of live in.

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