Dubai is one of seven emirates that make up the UAE, United Arab Emirates, a country that only came into existence forty one years ago. The discovery of vast oil reserves soon after rapidly created a millionaires’ paradise. Dubai is a cosmopolitan city with a widely diverse population of people from many different backgrounds. There is much to do here, the city has a vibrant night life, a collection of restaurants that feature cuisines from different parts of the world.

I could just feel Dubai , just as I entered Emirates flights.Im sure anyone flying with this airlines has the same feel. Its hard to get an accurate feel for a place, like Dubai, until you have visited it yourself ,being a muslim(arabic) country, the firstt thing that comes to your mind is conservative people and conservative atmosphere around you.I have to say I was shocked,but in a good way. It was not at all what I was expecting. I thought it would be a hot desert with many locals in traditional garb with some English here and there,But to my surprise I found some things that you might find interesting if you ever decide to make it out there. I very much enjoyed my trip and I look forward to returning soon. Here are some of the things you might want to consider, if you are able to vacation in Dubai.

The Dubai Airport,Duh!!!! Is like a palace with many Hidden chambers in it. The Airports nothing like less than a International play ground. Every where at the airport one thing I noticed is our very own Malayali brothers and sisters, Just like you see in Kuala Lumpur Airport Tamilians all over.The Airport staff are very friendly.

In Dubai,I found, a huge mix of people and culture. 20% of the population are native citizens, where the rest are from other countries around the world. Many people living in Dubai are from India,Pakistan, Philippines,Indonesia ,the UK and even the US.

The record breaking Downtown Dubai boasts the Burj Khalifa, the world’s tallest building,The Burj Khalifa almost looks unreal and the views show how much construction has already taken place and how much room that Dubai has to still grow. Dubai Mall, the world’s largest shopping mall ,of the Emirates houses has Ski Dubai where you can pet penguins, go zorbing in the snow or hit the slopes on five different graded runs.And The Dubai Fountain  yep, you guessed it, the world’s largest fountain built right here in a water-starved desert.Jumeirah beach park is one of the city’s finest containing 12 hectares of landscaped kid’s areas, BBQ spots and of course a sizeable beach and the gloriously warm Arabian Gulf. Another great spot is Nasimi Beach which is at the Atlantis Hotel on the Palm Jumeriah. Most tourists just come to take their picture in front of the hotel ,with its great panoramic views of the city.

Elsewhere at Marina Walk,you can mingle with the more affluent expats and enjoy international cafes and restaurants with a stunning view of the Marina. Sunset is a good time to go and watch watch the international tourist crowds.

Some funny things I heard while in Dubai which made me Laugh.Anyone who is a Alcohol lover, you need to understand that getting Alcohol is difficult , but not Impossible.Secondly if you work in Dubai for ages, You'd never get a citizen ship even if your kids are born there.And if you are caught drunk and driving you have very high chances of getting deported. So be careful.

Dubai is a foodies’ mecca with some of the best international names and Michelin-starred chefs opening up eateries including La Petite Maison, Zuma, Reflets Par Pierre Gagnaire.Ravi’s famous for its Indian and Pakistani dishes, has branches everywhere and is a favourite with taxi drivers for tasty cheap eats. Of course all the malls have food courts with reasonably priced quality food.

Dubai has more than its fair share of swanky clubs with the super elite spending money on wines and champagnes.If luxury is what you live in then your new favorite haunts might include Armani, Crystal, Cavalli and Boudoir to name a few. One of the nicer chic clubs is 360 as it’s an open deck pavilion in the water with 360 degree views of the sea and nightscape. Barasti Beach Bar calls itself an icon of the Dubai social scene, has five bars, live music every night and beach access all day. Most locals refer to it as “Bar Nasty” as it’s a favorite with the tourist from all around the world.
You have to try and make it to Dubai someday. It is really hard to explain the energy and how unreal everything is there.

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