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Our next point of destination is Los Angeles, known as the City of Angels. Situated in California, it’s the biggest city from this area, being defeated only by New York when where talking about population.

You can travel to this amazing city by airplane, as I did. This way you’ll make sure you get here fast and easy. As thought I landed on Los Angeles International Airport and I tell you, it’s remarkable.
When you are in L.A. you want to have the best experience in this mighty city , like I did. In that order.

I have found a great hotel with an amazing view , great staff and a lot of interesting places nearby. I checked in the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel down Hollywood Boulevard. With the Hollywood Walk of Fame and Madame Tussauds in your neighborhood, it’s clearly on of the best places you can stay in. The Hotel has always been a combination of style and elegance making all it’s guests feel at home, but at the same time relaxed.

Seeing as I am a book and sun addict, I booked the Cabana Poolside which made this experience even better. The room was fantastic, the room service was impeccable and the time I spent inside the hotel was worth all the money.
Just a few steps away from the hotel, I have found a really popular , elegant and quiet place to drink and eat. It’s called “Public Kitchen and Bar”. I was famished and those pork chops with sauce and vegetables that Chef Tim Goodbell made for me, where really the greatest thing I have eaten in years.

From there I went straight to Tropicana Bar and Pool. It’s a nice , intimate , but seductive place. I spend a great time there with a couple of friends and I made some other friends that luckily were staying at the same hotel as I. Later on, the DJ made all of us show our best moves on the dance floor. It really was a night of pleasure and fun.

The thing you have got to know before you come to L.A it’s the fact that this city Is amazingly big, with all sorts of places you want to see and enjoy, but in a few days you can’t accomplish that. Its better if you stick to the places you must see or the ones that are near you. A place that you must go it’s the Hollywood Walk of Fame , that luckily it’s just a few steps away from the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel, just like Madame Tussauds is. Also, El Capitan Theatre is a great theatre and it’s near your hotel. If you are a person that loves nature, you can go to Griffith Park and spend a nice day there, camping, playing golf, hiking, horseback riding, jogging, picknicking. I had an incredible time learning how to play golf in this park and I failed miserably.

If you ever get lost or need directions, you can always ask whoever is passing by you on the street. People in this place are incredible nice and sweet , eager to help you.

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