London is a leading global city that focuses on arts, economy, cultural activities, history, finance, fashion, education, entertainment, healthcare, media. London is the capital of England and the United Kingdom. It’s one of the biggest metropolitan areas in Europe.

The hotel I choose was called simply 41, located near the Buckingham Palace. The staff better yet the “family” was professional, friendly, extremely lovely and welcoming. Their attention to details is quite spectacular. The hotel is located in a nice area, being in the walk distance of a few nice places, such as Buckingham Palace, Westminster Cathedral, Westminster Abbey.

The capital of the United Kingdom is famous for Buckingham Palace, the Big Ben, the Tower Bridge, so these are the 3 must see places. One other place you must not miss, is the Tower of London , also known as the White Tower. Dating back in the 11th century , this tower is famous for its history, being a fortress, then a residence for Carol the 2nd. The tower has a prison, where multiple royalty faces have spent time in here and some of them have been executed in this very place. It is believed the tower is haunted.

Once you arrive in London, people will recommend you to visit the London Dungeon. I must say, the place is fantastic, filled with history, but really scary. I suggest you go here only if your heart is not week. Leaving that aside, the place presents you the work of the most famous killers , such as Jack the Ripper, the infamous barber of Fleet Street .

To get back on your feet after that experience I might suggest another historical place, the House of Parliament. Its architecture is amazing, the interior will let you speechless., plus you will also learn a lot of new things. From then on, the Churchill War Rooms sound really nice. It’s the place from where Winston Churchill commanded on Second World War.
And you can end your day in Trafalgar Square. It’s a public place, mostly full of tourists and you will have a great time here.

A great place to eat it’s the National Café. It went there on a Thursday so they served me that day’s menu, consisting in Pork and mussel paella with a glass of wine. The food was delicious, the serving spectacular. I had a great time sitting there, enjoying my evening. So I definitely recommend this place.

London is a great place, worth visiting . The people are lovely , which makes it even more delightful .

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