Lyon is a city located in France, between the Rhone river and the Saone river, between Paris and Marseille, a medium city by itself, but along with the suburbs it’s the second largest metropolitan area in France. The city has been included in the UNESCO World Heritage Site, being famous for its history and architecture.

Lyon is also known for being a major center for banking, chemical, pharmaceutical and biotechnical industries. The city has a particular interesting software industry, focused mainly on video games .

Hotel Carlton Lyon is one of the finest hotels you will have the pleasure to stay in. Located in the heart of Lyon, the hotel offers you a nice pack of rooms, with nice bathrooms, good room service, excellent for both young and older people , rooms are well spacious and well equipped. The staff is friendly, yet professional. Also, one important thing is the location. Situated in the area between the two rivers, the places of interest are easy to walk to.

The places in this space hold so much history that one story leads to another. One place like that is the Ancient Theatre of Fourviere, a Roman Theatre based on roman architecture. Another place built in the Roman time, is the Gallo-Roman museum in Lyon. Besides museums, Lyon has a diversity of cathedrals famous for their architecture, style, stained glass and decorations in and out of the building. The one that impressed me the most was the Lyon Cathedral. It’s huge, tall, portliness and it’s dedicated to Saint Jean the Baptist.

Paris has the Eiffel tower, Lyon has the Metallic Tower of Fourviere, that resembles with the Eiffel Tower. In the same area, Fourviere, you will find Basilica of Notre Dame de Fourviere, that at night looks absolutely stunning , leaving you out of breathe.

For a nice meal, I suggest you go to the AU 14 Fevrier. It’s a restaurant that serves French food with Japanese influences, that it’s really tasty. The diner has a nice, cozy , intimate atmosphere, the serving is good, the food is exquisite and the interior design is simple, yet elegant and outstanding. The chefs are real masters when it comes to marrying unusual flavors and making them perfect. Also , they have a great list of French wines that go perfectly with your dish.

Once you experience this great city, you will be a changed man.

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