Miami is a great city, full of adventures and places to enjoy yourself. Miami is a city that majors in finance, culture, commerce, arts, entertainment, commerce and international trade. Downtown Miami is the home of Bank institutes , large national and international companies. Also, here in Miami you’ve got the Civic Center, which basically is a health center that is the heart of hospitals, research institutes, medical centers and biotechnology industries.

The Intercontinental Hotel was everything I asked for. The room was large, equipped with everything I needed, I had the most amazing view , plus down at the front desk the guy gave me tips for my stay and signed me up for their reward program for discounts to their delicious restaurant Toro Toro.
As soon as I checked in, I went to scoop around and watch for places where I could enjoy a nice meal , coffee or breakfast. Travelling a bit more far than I expected I would, I have found the famous Bayside.

After asking a few questions around, I have discovered Hooters, famous for its chicken wings, crab legs and burgers. It suddenly became one of my favorite places to go. Someone recommended me a two coffee shops nearby, called Mambo Café and American Latin Café. These places were full so I decided I would come the next morning and enjoy my coffee, which I did and let me tell you, it was one of the biggest pleasures in my life. The atmosphere, the people and the cappuccino that I had, were great.
Seeing how Miami is mostly a sea city, I decided this time I should visit marine parks or something around this theme. In my first day of staying here, I got the great opportunity to tag along to some tourists group and go to the Miami Seaquarium, to the Zoo Miami and ended our trip to the Key Biscane.

The trip was fun, but I would have added the Botanical Garden, the Venetian Pool and maybe the Epic Tower. Second day I made my program. I made sure to check out some of the museums such as Jewish Museum, Perez Art Museum, Frost Art Museum and ended my little trip with Lowe Art Museum.

I went back to the Bayside and enjoyed a turkey sandwich from the Mambo Café and a cold beer. That certainly made my experience better.

My trip to Miami was one of the greatest trips I made over the years. Everything went smoothly and in its place.

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