Phoenix, as in the Phoenix bird, is the capital and largest city of Arizona. The metropolitan area surrounding this city is also known as the Valley of the Sun. Being near the center of the state, Phoenix has a diversity of tourist attractions along with the Valley of the Sun.

You can travel to Phoenix by airplane. It’s nice , easy and not that pricy. One of the finest hotels in Phoenix is definitely Hotel Palomar Phoenix- a Kimpton Hotel. The hotel is nicely located near U.S Airways Center, which makes it really accessible , plus multiple bars, shops and dinners around the hotel. The staff is friendly, professional, they want to make sure you are well taken care of. The interior design of the hotel is one of the kind. Chandeliers that look almost like bird cages, illuminated trees , comfortable sofas in the lobby and a bar lounge area that is ideal for drinking your coffee in the morning.

The biggest tourist attraction in Phoenix is the Grand Canyon of the Colorado River. It’s an enormous, sinuous and very deep canyon shaped by the Colorado river. It offers one of the best landscapes in the world.

Being a desert area, Phoenix is rich in parks and not only. They have a peak, named after the first woman that died in combat serving the U.S military, Piestewa Peak. The Papago Park, a hilly desert park, has been designated at a Phoenix Point of Pride. The park is famous for its geological formations and for the plants that are specific to the desert. The Phoenix zoo is another important point of attraction that has over 1,400 animals for display and contains 2,5 miles of walking miles.

Phoenix is big on museums too. The Art Museum of Phoenix is one of my favorite places in the world. Let alone the fact that is big, the masterpieces exposed in here will stun you , especially the so called Thorne Rooms. The art was done by Narcissa Niblack Thorne and it represents the architecture from the 16th century.

If you want quality food and premium drinks I suggest you dine and wine at the Arrogant Butcher. The name might sound a bit spooky, but the food there is excellent. The seafood and the steaks looked absolutely delicious so I had to try them both. They tasted even better than they looked. The wine there is also a good choice. The place looks intimate, the atmosphere is relaxing and the serving is even better.

Phoenix is a great city if you don’t mind the temperatures in summer time. Hot or not is definitely a place I would return to.

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