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Puerto Rico or Porto Rico, officially the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico, is an insular state, its territory being a part of the United States of America, situated in the northeastern Caribbean east of the Dominican Republic. San Juan Bautista is the capital of Puerto Rico being the most populous city of the Commonwealth.

You can get on the island using a flight or a cruise. When you get here, it’s pretty easy to move around and visit places.

I checked in at the Sheraton Old San Juan Hotel & Casion. It was near the international airport, with a great view towards the San Juan Bay . I booked a Deluxe room and I had the most outstanding view facing the city. San Juan is an extraordinary place, full of culture, colors, lights, history and lovely people.

First thing I checked out was the Cathedral. Spanish people are famous for their churches .The cathedral is located in the heart of the city and it’s a historic place that you shouldn’t miss when you come to Puerto Rico. The things you must see here are, the tomb of Ponce de Lion, the mummy of St. Pio and the stained glass window. Also, if you happen to be here around Christmas, do not forget to attend their ceremony on 24th of December . It will leave you breathless.

Next thing on my list were the museums. Museum of Art and Museo de Historia de Ponce. Both were great places and you can learn all sorts of things about these people’s culture and history, just by visiting these 2 museums.

A place that is really worth all your money and effort is the Camuy River Cave Park. The scenery is absolutely outstanding. It has 220 caves and 17 entrances, but it’s believed there are over 800 caves over there. It’s amazing what nature can create.

Another place you want to check out it’s the Old San Jose. Besides its historic past, the architecture is quite spectacular.

In Puerto Rico you will see many restaurants with Spanish specific and I suggest you order Gazpacho. It is made from raw vegetables usually with a tomato base, that is served cold. It’s absolutely delicious. I had one of these soups when I went near the hotel at Senor Frog.

The thing that fascinates me about Puerto Rico people is their passion about all the things they do. In my journey here I have met a lot of passionate, lovely people that welcome you in their homes at any hour.

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