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San Francisco , by its full name The City and County of San Francisco, is situated in the Northern California, being the economical and cultural center of this region.

San Francisco it’s a popular city known for it’s unforgettable summers, fog, eclectic mix of architecture, the former prison on the Alcatraz island, the Golden Gate Bridge and the Chinatown district.

As usual, before you go on a trip or check into a hotel, better see what hotel suits you best regarding your view desires, accommodation, serving, places nearby. After I did my little research, I decided to stay at the Westin St. Francis on Union Square Hotel. This particular hotel faces the Union Square which grants you an exquisite view. Its architecture, design, interior make this building one of a kind. From the lady that cleans your room to top manager, this hotels’ staff is professional, well educated , polite and welcoming.

After I checked in I wanted to get the vibe of the city, so I decided to go to Union Square and enjoy myself. After a little time checking out the surroundings I decided its time for a warm drink so I went to this pub nearby, that some tourist I met in the park recommended, called Emporio Rully. I had the greatest cup of coffee there that tingled my senses.

I felt full of energy so I travelled all the way to the Fort Point, sat on a rock , enjoyed the view along with another tourists that were already there . Then we all went and debated our travelling stories at the Golden Bridge Café, sipping from our tea cups. Eager to see the famous Alcatraz Island, I decided to book a boat ticket and to go and see it. Once I got there I was fascinated by the size of the prison, the small cells and the conditions.

After such a great trip I was starving so one of my new friends, a tourist himself, suggested we should go and eat at Lori’s Diner. At first, I was a bit skeptic, but when I took the first bite of the burger I knew I couldn’t wait to tell the others about this place. The milkshake that we ordered afterwards was really tasty so I ordered one more. The design isn’t fabulous, just specific for these kind of places. One thing that really noticed is how welcoming people in San Francisco are and how they treat tourists. That’s why I got the second milkshake from the house.

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