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Traveling is my passion and I can think of nothing more liberating and exciting than hitting the open road. Nothing is fixed and nothing is planned, and everything is in the hands of fate. And so, I guess it is the unknown that really turns me on. At the same time, it is the unknown that never fails to provoke intense pre travel anxiety within me. Despite all the craziness I have survived and countries I have visited, I worry whether I will be able to handle it again.

Two sleepless nights already before I traveled. Lazy but still need to pack your bags. You already know about your upcoming trip and makes you cray and bad stomach feeling. The day arrives, and end up having travel anxiety. Its a long long flight. what we all do to cop with it? Travel anxiety can happen to everyone, from seasoned travelers to the occasional vacationer. No matter how much one likes travelling; this is a phase every one goes through, specially me. I have been having this for quite some time. The first time I flew ,was horrific I literally had to throw up. The air smell in the Plane and just wanting to get down and run away. It happens to everybody. I was all OK after that. But then I became a frequent flyer in the years. While I was carrying my travel anxiety all these years and got used to it, the worst was yet to come I guess,  and the most shocking came while I was returning from Bali to Jakarta in 2011. I have never really been so claustrophobic before, but right then I thought I might scream if I didn’t get some room. The flight turbulence left me speechless. Kids and Moms were all freaking out and the AirHostess knew it was bad and we could make it out by her face. You literally end up having death phobia in such situations. I just wanted to land in Jakarta somehow and breath fresh air.

The same day I had my transit from Jakarta to Kuala Lumpur. I just was in no mood to get in the plane, after many months even after I returned back to India. For a year I dint wanna travel anymore in flight. And at a point I thought that was the end of my travelling in flight. Twice I cancelled my flight to Delhi coz I lived with the LION AIR nightmare. How does it sound when you already going through travel anxiety and this incident strikes? Leaves a person Unbalanced.

In 2012 finally decided to take a flight to the Himalayas, and yes that got me out of all my fears I had, was like a rebirth, but that does not mean I got rid of travel anxiety, Even today while I have a long flight, I get butterflies the previous night and spend 2 days without sleep. Its like a ritual.

What a perfect situation right? I love to travel and love seeing and going to new places but when it comes to the long flights, I wonder what a misery.

I have a friend in Germany Wolf, he is also a person suffers from travel anxiety , just the thought of getting in a plane and the long distance bothers him. So what does he do? He loves travelling and for more than 8 yrs’ now he has been around the world and taking a ship from Germany to Miami and then to Columbia. See what all travel lovers end up doing to pursue their dream?

I mean just the matter for less than 24 hours travelling leaves a bad reflection on you physically and mentally, isn’t?

What can one do to get rid of the travel anxiety? Honestly speaking we could do nothing than being patient. My sincere advise. In the plane you help your self by interacting with the Person sitting besides you. Or watching/listening something. If you have claustrophobia issues an easy way to take care of it is to sit in the rows of seats on one side not the window seat . This way if you need to get up and walk around you can and you don’t feel closed in.

My anxiety is largely the fear of fear. It sounds ridiculous, but it’s mostly true. I am worried that I won’t be able to control my anxiety/fear. But perhaps you are afraid of something a little more, like death. If you are afraid of death, then you should know that you are in good company. Everyone is afraid of dying to some degree. Put your fear to the test and go travel.
For all those who think travelling in the busy trains of India and eating bugs in Thailand is the end of the world and all phobias? Your Wrong; Go to Ecuador and Peru if u wanna experience fear and anxiety. lol

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