Expedition started.



January gone and I am out of my emotions and travel bug is biting me hard. Was in dilemma where to start, whether from new journeys to old or old to new. But then does it matter at all from where I start, all that matter is 'I started'  :)

The one place which can never go out of my mind is 'Cherrapunji', yes the place called wettest place on earth. The day I stepped down in Kolkata back in 2009, I decided to roam around north east but never in my mind I thought of this place neither do I have any iota of knoweldge about the beauty of it. So one beautiful romantic day, sippingg a cup of tea I opened google and started checking out the unseen beauty and deserted places in north east.After much of surfing I found a place called living root bridge and it just clicked me.

And I surfed more and more and got to know about cherrapunji, the underwater caves, abode of clouds, root bridge and the amount of rain it get every year. Suddenly school memories came alive where we have read about Cherrapunji as wetterst place and we use to joke that at this place children must be having raincoat as their school uniform :)

So what next, made a plan, called my bro and sis to join me from Lucknow and I booked the flights till Guwahati, a hotel in shillong and cab to cherrapunji.

Early morning we boarded the flight from kolkata to Guwahati and took a cab from Guwahati to Shillong. Roamed whole day in Shillong and yes its beautiful. The Elephant fall, sweet fall and some other falls..theres nothing more than falls but yes the flora is much more different than that of North.

The next day we took cab from hotel in Shillong to Cherrapunji and the moment we get back into the cab, rain started...and it never ended..
Whole journey is in heavy rain, clouds and some more clouds....somwhere it was sacry but when u look around, you can see waterfalls wverywhere. It was an amazing natural scene, so fresh and beautiful.


And the moment arrived when I saw the board 'Wettest place on Earth', don't know why but an amazing feeling came to my mind and I felt special to be in Cherrapunji. Got to know that the village was actually called Sohra but since English people were unable to pronounce it correctly and rather say it as Cherra so is the name Cherrapunji.

Our driver said not to step out as rain was heavy, its like cloud burst but I stepped out of the car and asked sis n bro to join and they did  and believe me we all felt like we are in heaven. The Eco park and the scene which was hardly visible from the the railings(due to clouds) is a memory we clicked in our brain. Can not be desscribed in words..it was mesmerising.

At 11 am it seemed like 6 PM, but that doesn't  stpped us to explore more and we moved next to Mawsmai caves. Wonderful it was, these natural limestone caves are a must watch and its well fiited with lights and traveller friendly. Its called underwater caves because of heavy rainfall, so you are gonna experience the water from above(the rain water) and then you have to walk in water(whole cave is filled with water). Level of water is low to high as you progress toward the end of the cave.

After this ave expedition, we tried to convinve the driver to let us take to root bridge but he denied to drive to that loaction in such heavy rain. My heart sunk but had o other option as return flight was of next day. With heavy heart we stepped back in cab and said goodbye to this extremely beautiful and scenic and most importantly less frequented place in India.

On Returning I asked driver to stop the car at one place, and we stepped out and guess what....all the clouds were below us... We sat on the road side and felt like we are above the clouds. It was truly an experience to remember lifetime. I promised myself to return someday and complete the expedition to living root bridge and with this promise I said alvida..fir milenge to "Cherra" - a natural jewel in North East and a must visit.

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