Our Trip to Malaysia and Singapore was well planned. Hubby and me had planned this trip 4 months in advance, that’s the reason we got cheap flight deals which is of course one of the most important things when you tour.

Whenever you think of international tour, the first thing comes to your mind how much would be the flight cost. It’s always better to book flight tickets well in advance when you plan international tour so that you can spend the left over money you had reserved for flight cost for shopping and roaming, wat say especially for us Ladies. J

We had planned for a week’s trip, 3 days at Malaysia that is city of Kuala Lumpur and 4 days at Singapore.

Kuala Lumpur is a nice place, a very busy city filled with street markets and eateries. The view of Petronas towers was too good. We need to book tickets in advance for getting onto the sky bridge at 41st floor. The view of the city from the sky bridge was an awesome experience.

Then we visited KL tower, Batu caves and the Genting Amusement park which is like Wonder la or GRS fantasy park that we have in India. Few of the rides at Genting Park were scary, bringing chill in your nerves!

As vegetarians, we had a tough time for food; our life saver was Shalimar restaurant, where we had only Dosas L.

Mono rail connectivity is too good, we travelled using mono rail.

Then, 4th day we arrived to Singapore by flight, the King City, very well built and maintained regardless of it being a small country. The Metro connectivity is mind blowing; you have metros to every corner.

First day, we visited Night safari, which starts at 6pm, there were many animal shows, we enjoyed each and every moment.

Second Day we visited Zoo and Jurang Bird park, the bird shows were too good.  Night safari.  Zoo and Bird Park are all in same campus which is very helpful for tourists.

Third Day, we visited Sentosa island; the dolphin n seal shows were amusing.

Hats off to the Songs of Sea show, very well designed n enacted, a total different experience, I would say.

Evening we visited the Marina Bay, very nicely designed and constructed, the view of the city from the swimming pool on the terrace is amazing.

Next how can we forget the most important place at Singapore, the Universal Studios?

Early morning, we had to stand in queue for buying tickets to Universal Studios as we missed booking tickets in advance. The moment we had the tickets in hand, we had a feeling of satisfaction that we did not miss the place which has the best shows, rides and attractions.

The rides were awesome; the best was the Mummy ride was breath taking. We did not realise how the day passed by so quickly.

Last but not the least, lots to shop at Singapore. Also, we get all varieties of eateries, especially at the Little India, Little China areas.

One week passed by so quickly, this trip will always stay in our memories forever.

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