Gopalpur on Sea



Gopalpur on Sea; quite a popular beach in the Eastern India, is in Orissa, more specifically in the Orissa-Andhra Pradesh border. It is primarily a long weekend destination for people staying in Southern West Bengal or Andhra as it will take you maximum 3-4 days to roam around this place. It is around 160 km from Bhubaneshwar and can be reached by road and train. The nearest railway station is Berhampur which is around 15 km from Gopalpur.

Gopalpur may disappoint you if you are planning to enjoy your time inside water or love water sports but based on the trip duration you can plan for Dhabaleshwar, Tara Tarini Temple, Jirang, Taptapani, Khasada, Mahuri Kalua, Patisonapur, Jaugarh, Chilika, Bhairavi Temple, Ghodahada, Tampara Lake etc. Before going there when I googled for the famous tourist's spots I got a light house as an option. Trust me it's nothing such wow thing. Since Gopalpur was an important sea port in British India, there was a light house which is still functioning. This Light House in just a few meters away from the beach.  For the more details please visit my page

Before closing, few things that I would like to mention are:

1. Do carry some cash as your plastic money may not work in all places.

2. Before reaching Taptapani inform your close ones, who might call you in next couple of hours, that your mobile may not be reachable. 

3. No need to carry alcohol as there are few good outlets. But if you are a wine lover carry your inventory.

?4. There is nothing much for shopaholics.

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