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Who Am I

Me: I am an enthusiast who enjoys living his dreams & in constant endeavor of wanting to grab the Dreams … Because I believe only “Dreamers CAN Do". I am an IT professional from …. Easy guess – Bangalore. I am a hobbyist photographer, trekker/hiker/biker/traveler, play sports, do wildlife conservation work, volunteering activities and wish to get involved in many more acts of sort and live life for fun, some purpose, and cause and also be a helping hand in the society.


The Trekker : With numerous treks/hikes/walks & camps in Karnataka, Kerala, Tamilnadu, Orissa, Himalayan ranges in Uttarakhand, Himachal,  treks in the UK ,  it still feels like a dream fulfilled yet I have just stepped in and  taken a baby step into this fascinating world. I consider myself lucky to have the chances to walk & hike miles in the wilderness of  some parts of India & the UK .This passion gives me the sense of calmness and I get to  spend my time in mountain mama’s laps  & feel  the warmth of mother nature.  Thus I would continue dreaming and spend as much time in nature and walk n hike n trek as many places and brace the nature for as long I can...That’s my reason to dream n travel places in the form of hikes/treks/walks/camps.

Cameraman & Me: A camera in hand, a view in mind and subjects & colors to capture in every step & walks of life, I always wanted to see and show the world to others thru my lens. To do this I have taken up the hardship of carrying my SLR & lens kits to all the treks & hikes I have made because I always wanted to capture the journey up-close on the move, staying close to nature. I click nature, wildlife, landscapes, candid moments in my journeys....I have the inclination to travel  Hills, Forest, Beaches, Country sides and  stay with nature and click n capture on the move..That’s How I Dream thru my Lenses to stay close to nature.

Wildlife   & I: Work to save nature & the wildlife is always a Dream. Being part of an NGO & working closely with forest department & wildlife crime control body has  given me ample reasons to continue living my dream to work and help in wildlife conservation. This has allowed me travel & venture into different kinds of Sanctuaries, Reserve Forests & Tiger Reserves across some states in  India  and  evermore I  want to travel into as many  remaining states  and  other countries to witness the fabulous wildlife & their ecosystem, study their conservation models ,replicate them in India as well. A word of awareness, a sense of urgency is what we spread during our work in these forests. The goal is to help everyone extend their support and save the nature by getting closer & being a part of nature. Also the goal is to convert one of the adopted sanctuaries into a Tiger Reserve in Karnataka. That’s why I dream of nature & wildlife thru my work and travels.

Volunteering My Time:  Working as volunteer gives me immense pleasure of serving people and serving some cause. Volunteering for Blood Donation, Pulse Polio, working with NGOs, Sports Activities (Volunteered for London Olympics 2012) are just a few of many that give me the kick, travel places and help me understand the diversity of places, cultures, nature & lifestyle of society etc. and also importance of volunteering one's time and effort in yielding a +ve outcome for society. That’s just another way to say “we all should Dream of a Better Society by Volunteering”.



How I Got Leh’d




How I got leh’d, is quite interesting… A Biker’s Dream Destination , A Trekker’s Paradise , A Tourist’s  Heaven, & most importantly A photographer’s “Frame To Capture Forever” (few of my captures will justify this) are just reasons to  make you fall for this heaven on earth. And if they are not enough, the following pages will definitely tell you “How I got Leh’d”.

Boasting of world’s 3 arguably highest motorable passes 1. Khardungla Pass, 2. Taglang La Pass, 3. Changla Pass – All between 17000-18000 freaking ft. height, India’s highest summitable Himalayan treks of Zanskar Valley  in the likes of Nun -23400ft ,Kun -23250 ft, Stok Kangri - 20180 ft. and others, Jaw dropping lake views of Pangong & Tsomoriri TSO  at about 14000-15000 ft., Vicious valley views  of Nubra & Zanskar and it goes on , because here you don’t start, you don’t end, you just go about this never ending wonder land. Leh-Ladakh is a destination you explore every day. You name it, you find it here. A modern day mountain culture in show yet with age old  Nomads (Himalayan gypsies) and their habitats still in existence,  a traditional Buddhist colony and their monastery’s pin drop silence with quite an intriguing  story telling & peaceful ambience, historic and uniquely built palaces & monuments (mud mortar , stone & wood structures) , the interesting & ever changing faces of the glacier fed Indus & Zanskar river, awestruck backdrops & landscapes, the special  bunch of the Himalayan animals like Blue Sheep,  Mountain goat, Marmot, Pashmina Sheep, Golden Eagle, Chug, Yak etc, a multi culture tourists gathering from around globe,  trekkers/hikers from all walk of life (one of most favored trekking destinations in the world) ,  most enthusiastic motorists from across India and abroad, the parade of uniform clad arms men & the movement of their troops & regiments, the Border Road Organization’s round the clock road work  and so on. For a destination which remains connected with the world by road only for 6 months for extreme climatic conditions at high altitude, very low temperatures, heavy snowfall etc.; the valley adapts very well , opens its arms and offers a lot to the visitors  to explore in remaining few months.


Journey to Heaven



Srinagar - Leh  & Manali - Leh are two of the most challenging yet drivable national highways in the world for their notorious terrain, heights, hair raising bends, very long secluded patches that take you to Leh eventually, yet these drives are made smooth and easier as much possible by BRO (border road organization, repairs and builds always for you) , Indian Army  with support & medical staffs at almost every important junctions & passes ready to serve & treats tourists & locals, Indo Tibetan Border Police and of course the local and very hospitable Ladakhis who treat guests as God. You have the options of keep riding through these routes for ride of your lifetime amidst nature, mountains, peaks and passes or even fly direct to Leh and then explore your destinations.



I got Trekked or What


A trekker enjoys Leh most for its sheer variations of terrains, difficulty level changes within a single trek & choice of multiple types of treks in the same region (non technical, semi technical & difficult technical grades). I completed a Rated – Difficult grade trek in Leh this trip (Stok Kangri, 20000+ feet altitude & about 70km in 8 days) not without glitches though. It’s tough, it’s daunting, it’s difficult but its fun, because it’s Trekking that I love and it’s Leh-Ladakh which made the love grow even more for trekking. A sense of fulfillment is your reward after all those hard days’ efforts in crossing the peak or summiting a height or even reaching the base of a big mountain. Every time before my return from a trek, I don’t forget to turn back and bow to the mountains humbly and say “Thanks O Mountain, Thanks for allowing me in your laps all these while, thanks for allowing me touch your feet, thanks for embracing me and hugging me tight during all hard and difficult steps, and a big thanks finally for allowing me kiss your forehead while doing the peaks, passes & summits. It’s said,”never challenge the mountains, we don’t conquer the mountain, we just become a part of it if mountain mama allows us to”. You feel like keep coming to these mountains and get Leh’d time and again.


What A Frame



A photographer literally enjoys every moment of the trip up here. Every bit of your imagination is titillated by the views and variables and the pictures you could frame. One feels like covering everything and not to miss capturing anything. Your brain teases your thoughts and your thoughts cease to imagine and differentiate between dream and reality but that’s what you get to come across at times. Some of the frames I could manage to capture are just moments of truth & realization and rest all I missed because I was too awestricken to capture those moments. Now……….. That’s How I Got Leh’d.

The Pics Link:




Goodbyes! Never

You never say goodbye to Leh-Ladakh, you just say “Bye to see you again soon”. You will always have unfinished business with these mountains & valleys. If nothing, you just wished to spend some more time in the lap of  Queen of Mountains away from all hustles of urban life and all those small little mountain dreams of your lives you could fulfill here. You wishd your wish come true every time. But then, there is a next time, after all you deserve to be Leh’d in this life and in your own ways. Once bitten, never too shy… This bug waits to bite you, come get bitten….. Get Leh’d. The Valley will await you.





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