Colombia is famous for its sandy beaches, majestic snow capped mountains, vast amazonian rainforests and lovely old colonial cities.Colombia is a great destination for every traveller, the people are some of the most hospitable and friendly you'll ever meet.Much of Colombia enjoys a tropical climate with hot and humid weather. Temperatures along the coastline of the Caribbean Sea and Pacific Ocean are normally around 30 degrees. Rain is possible during every month but is a bit lower between June and September. On the other hand, cities like Barranquilla and Santa Marta in the north are drier from December to April. Bogota in the centre of the country on a central high plateau and never gets really warm. Bagota can freeze sometimes.

Colombia shares international borders with Panama, Venezuela, Brazil , Peru and Ecuador.Colombia is the only South American country which borders both the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans including the Caribbean islands. Colombia is surrounded with the Andes mountain range , the Pacific Ocean coastal region, the Caribbean Sea coastal region, the Llanos (plains) and the Amazon Rainforest.East of the Andes lies the savanna of the Llanos, part of the Orinoco River basin, and, in the far south east, the jungle of the Amazon rainforest. Colombian territory also includes a number of Caribbean and Pacific islands.
Amazon Basin
Colombia is one of those countries where you can visit parts of the Amazon Basin and your best place to base yourself is Leticia in the southwest corner of the country, on the border with Brazil and Peru. From here you can visit the National Park of Amacayacu and enjoy the rich life of plants and animals in the forests and lakes, including the famous pink dolphins. 

Archeological sites
The main archeological parks in Colombia are located in the southwest and include San Agustin which is the largest group of religious monuments and megalithic sculptures in South America and the National Archeological Park of Tierradentro. This last one contains several monumental statues of human figures and huge underground tombs (some burial chambers are up to 12 m wide) beautifully decorated. Most date back around 1000/1500 years ago. 

Cartagena is probably the most pleasant and beautiful city in the country, located along the Caribbean coastline in the northwest of the country and is on the UNESCO World Heritage list.Cathedrals and churches, plazas and colonial style buildings are fantastic and there are great guesthouses to stay. Cartagena and the cities close by also offer a fantastic base for scuba diving and snorkelling in the Caribbean.

Isla Gorgona
Isla Gorgona and its national park are located in the Pacific Ocean about 40 kilometres out of the Colombian coast. Formerly it was a prison island and now it is a major tourist destination with a national park, dense forests and wildlife includes poisonous snakes, whales, monkeys, lizards and turtles. Even the blue footed boobies which you can find on the Galapagos Islands are found here as well.

Los Katios National Park
Los Kation National Park is located in the west of Colombia close to the border with Panama and is a park with forest and hills with an extremely rich and biologically diverse ecosystem found within the park. Many endangered species of flora and fauna also found here.

Malpelo Fauna and Flora Sanctuary
Malpelo Island and the surrounding marine environment are located 500 kilometres west of mainland Colombia in the Pacific Ocean. This is a no fishing zone and a perfectly undisturbed environment where snorkelling and diving is perfect with clear waters and many species of fish and other sea creatures including whales, sharks and turtles.

Playa Blanca
Playa Blanca is a beautiful, isolated, 4 kilometre long beach located on Baru Island which lies along the Caribbean coast of Colombia, near Las Islas del Rosario.

Ciudad Perdida is a pre columbian city in the jungle near Santa Marta in the north of Colombia. Santa Martais a beautiful city along the Caribbean coast with nearby beaches.
Historic centre of Santa Cruz de Mompox is a typical Spanish colonial city.

Colombia offers some of the cheapest Caribbean Scuba Diving and Snorkelling opportunities for both experienced and beginner divers.
San Andres Island is tropical getaway, 800 kilometres west of the mainland towards Nicaragua.
Other cities and places to see in Colombia
Bogota is the capital
Santa Marta
Leticia is in the Amazonian jungle
Taganga is near Santa Marta
Cartagena is the colonial gem of the country
Santiago de Cali is also known as Cali
Barranquilla is port city in the northeast
Villavicencio is the capital city of Los Llanos
Pictire credit wikimedia commons

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