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Sao Paulo is Brazil's largest city with a population of over 10 million people. It is also the most popular cities in South America with some of the most stunning architecture, and many skyscrapers.Today, Sao Paulo is considered the richest city in Brazil.The city has a monsoon influenced humid tropical climate.In summer temperatures are the hottest days.And in winter the coldest days. 

Sala Sao Paulo is a beautiful concert hall located in Julio Prestes Station.Today the amazing concert hall has amazing acoustics and can seat 1500 people making it a great place to check out a classical symphony or opera.The Sao Paulo Museum of Art houses a huge collection of Western art, as well as a large collection of Brazilian art and smaller collections of African and Asian arts and collections of Egyptian, Greek and Roman antiquities as well as Pre-Columbian artifacts.The building itself is considered to be one of best examples of Brazilian modern architecture.Ibirapuera Park is an amazing park located in the city centre. The park is home to many stunning sights including a lake and many museums.Grande Marquise is home to the modern art museum.Ciccillo Matarazzo Pavilion is home to the Contemporary Art Museum.Lucas Nogueira Garcez Pavilion is the home to the Air Force Museum.Ibirapuera Auditorium is a modern building that is quite controversial because of its space age design.

Other places

The Municipal Theater. 
School Yard (Pateo do Collegio) is the place where Sao Paulo was founded.
Paulista Avenue.
Se Cathedral.
Copan Building.
Luz Station.
Municipal Market.
Ipiranga Museum.
Museum of the Portuguese Language is an interesting museum located in the Luz Station.
Pinacoteca do Estado.
Liberdade is Home to the largest Japanese community outside of Japan.

Festivals in Sao Paulo
Anima Mundi is an animation film festival held in Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro every July.
Sao Paulo Fashion Week
Sao Paulo Gay Pride Parade is One of the biggest parades in the world. More than 2 million people participates every year. 

Sao Paulo International Film Festival has been held in October and November.
Sao Silvestre International Race is held every December 31, Paulista Avenue is full of people to celebrate the new year's eve running at the streets of Sao Paulo. 
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