Yellowstone National Park



Yellowstone National Park is one of the most famous natural parks in the world. With over 2 million visitors each year and this wilderness area is amazing. The park is spread  in between three states Wyoming which share 96% of the park and ,Montana and Idaho share 4% of it.. The parks land formations  has lakes, canyons, mountains and rivers. There are also countless animal and plant species within the park including several endangered species like grizzlies and wolves. Other animals include black bears, elk, beavers, squirrels and numerous species of birds and birds of prey.The park is larger than the states of Rhode Island and Delaware when Combined. Yellowstone is home to amazing high altitude lakes, including Yellowstone lake that is one of the largest high altitude lakes in North America. 80% of the park is covered with forests while the rest is primarily grassland.Yellowstone park has separate water flowing into the Pacific Ocean and the Atlantic Ocean.The Snake River starts in the park flowing to the Pacific, while the Yellowstone River flows to the Atlantic Ocean.

The park is also home to an amazing forest,two deep canyons cut into the park that are stunning, including the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone.What draws most people to the park is more then its stunning beauty and animals.More then 11000 years ago Native Americans of the Clovis culture were collecting obsidian found in the park to make arrowheads. These arrowheads were found as far away as the Mississippi River valley. Many different native groups believed Yellowstone to be a holy place and used it to collect valuable mineral resources.In 1959 the Yellowstone earthquake hit, which was the largest earthquake recorded in recent history. New geysers were discovered afterward and many roads were damaged. In 1988, there were massive wildfires that destroyed almost 36% of the park.

Yellowstone is home to many forms of wildlife and plant life. Many of the species of wildlife are endangered and are being given a second chance in the park. Remember that all the animals in the park are wild and should never be fed and given a wide distance. The park has very cold winter and pretty moderate summers. Visiting at different times of the year allows people to see different things. Many die hard Yellowstone fans say the best time to visit is in the winter by horse drawn sled or cross country skis, due to the lack of crowds and the ease of spotting wildlife.Yellowstone National Park sits on top of the Yellowstone Caldera, which is called a super volcano because the caldera covers a huge area and can have massive eruptions. The last eruption that was 640000 years ago and was a thousand times more powerful then the 1980 eruption at Mount St. Helen.Remember to careful hiking in the back country because some of these formations may seem solid but are not and they contain extremely hot water.

Places to Visit around are Old Faithful Geyser gets it name from erupting approximately every 91 minutes and is one of the most popular attractions in the park.
Yellowstone Lake is a stunning lake located in the park.
Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone is the largest canyon in the park and has stunning yellow rock sides.
Mammoth Hot Springs is a large area in the park.
Castle Geyser is a large geyser located in the park.
Fisherman's Bridge is a popular spot to watch the lake and the fish in the water.
Lamar Valley is the Serengeti of North America, and prime area to spot grizzlies and wolves.

The summer season is approximately from mid-April to the beginning of November to Visit Yellowstone.Weather in this area of the country is unpredictable, especially in the fall. Many roads can be closed early and switch to winter schedule if there is lots of snow fall early in the season. Only the northern entrances stay open during winter. All other entrances are closed and can only be entered by taking a bus after parking your car outside of the park.

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