Kruger National Park



Kruger National Park is the largest South Africa's Game parks.The park is located at the borders with Mozambique and Zimbabwe.It is the most visited of all national parks in South Africa and can become very busy during the South African holiday periods, especially during Christmas and New years.Kruger National Park is one of the most biodiverse national parks in South Africa and in whole of Africa. Huge varieties of mammals, birds, plants and even fish are found here. more than 150 different mammals exist here and thousands of buffalos and zebras roam the park. Other animals easily spotted are elephants, crocodiles, hippos, giraffes, several species of antelope and predators like lions and the somehow more elusive leopard. Cheetahs, African wild dogs and black rhinos are all present.If you are a nature and wildlife lover and you want to visit many parks during your stay, you might consider buying a Wild Card which enables you to unlimited visits of all of the South African National Parks.There is a set of rules regarding driving in the park which visitors will receive when they enter. The three main rules being the 50km/hour speed limit /visitors to exit park or return to rest camp by sunset and stay out until sunrise and visitors cannot get out of their vehicles unless they are in a designated area. 

50% of the surface area of the Kruger National Park is zoned as an official wilderness areas. It is in this wilderness areas that the Kruger National Park conducts wilderness trails - currently there are 7 wilderness trails. The trail stretches over three days and two nights. Guests stay in a primitive, rustic camp - with no electricity, cell phone reception or any other people - and experience the bush on foot. On foot one sees less of the bigger animals and more of the bigger picture. There is a maximum of 8 guests per trail between the ages of 12 - 65 years. There are two trained guides that join you.

Mphongolo backpacking trail which starts from Shingwedzi Camp and is conducted in the large wilderness area between the Shingwedzi and Mphongolo rivers. The trail stretches over four days and three nights and guests are expected to provide their own camping equipment and food for the duration of the trail. There are no overnight huts on this trail. There are two trained guides that join you.

Daily guided morning and afternoon walks are available from most rest camps.Sunrise and sunset game drives are available.These drives allow you to see night activity which otherwise is not allowed, unless staying at the exclusive private lodges. Animals are most active at sunrise and sunset on their way to watering holes so it's a perfect opportunity for game spotting.Bush braais is something you must try which means a game drive leads a group of people into an open field where lanterns and a fire has been prepared and you have a braai in the bush.
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