Santorini is a beautiful group of islands in Greece. The superb climate, making it a favorite destination for tourist in summer, to enjoy the amazing nightlife and gorgeous scenery.Santorini has several islands that you can make it through a boat trip.. Santorini has a Mediterranean climate with warm, dry and sunny summers and mild but somewhat wetter winters. Summers from June to September. 

Places To Visit In Santorini

Thirassia is a beautiful island located close to Santorini. The volcanic eruption which took place around 1500 B.C broke Santorini into many pieces and Thirassia is as one of them.Its also known as the volcanic Island.Thirassia is today a virgin island, still untouched by tourism and modern lifestyle.Manolas village is the capital of Thirassia.Manolas has small beautiful houses painted in various colors. The virgin beaches and the pure nature are the main attractions of Thirassia.From Manolas, you can trek to the Monastery of the Assumption of the Virgin. Apart from this monastery, there are other twenty churches on Thirasia. Each year, on September 21st, there is a feast to honor Virgin Mary. Other places to visit there are some hot springs.The food in the local authentic Greek cuisine.

Faros and Alyko on the southwest of Naxos island is the ideal holiday destination for those couples, families, friends or singles, who wish to enjoy, Relaxation, Greek hospitality, Nature, beautiful Beaches away from the crowds, amazing Views and taste homemade food.

Beaches in Santorini have deep blue waters,white and black sand, huge vertical cliffs, red and black volcanic rock formations.The beaches of Santorini are the strangest, the oddest.Santorini’s coastal beauty have been influenced by the volcanic nature of the island.

There is archeological evidence supporting the cultivation of the vine on Santorini that dates back almost 5000 years. However, the eruption that caused around 1600 BC that made the unique wines of Santorini what they are today. The volcanic eruption left behind a mixture of volcanic ash, pumice stone and pieces of solidified lava and sand, which together make up the soil of Santorini known as “aspa”. The soil has little to no organic matter, but is rich in essential minerals, creating wines naturally with high acidity.

There are several villages on the main island.
Thira is the main picturesque town on the cliff.
Oia is the place to go to see a good sunset.
Fira is the capital

Few Islands which are 
Nea Kameni 
Palea Kameni 
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