Located in the Indian Ocean, the Maldives are a chain of islands. Tourist go to Maldives for its beautiful beaches, diving  centers and other beach activities. Maldivian resorts are very expensive, but of a high luxury.The two main cities are Male and Seenu.Maldives is known as one of the world's most widely spread countries.The islands of Maldives are composed of live coral reefs and sand bars .The largest island of Maldives is Gan, which belongs to Laamu Atoll or Hahdhummathi Maldives.The Maldives have a tropical climate with abundant rainfall and high temperatures around the year.Maldives nearest neighboring countries are Sri Lanka and India. 

There are 20 administrative island groups in the Maldives, only the following 10 are open to tourism
Kaafu (North and South Male island) is home to the capital Male and the airport.
Alifu (Ari) is the second most popular group.
Seenu (Addu) is the second most populous group.

Male is the country's capital and largest city.
Seenu - Second largest city.

A Dhoni is a traditional Maldives sail boat.This boat has been used for centuries for sailing between the islands.Today the boats are made from fiber glass.

Ranging from private islands to large scale luxury resorts Maldives is a great place to relax.

With amazing reefs to explore and underwater life to see the Maldives offer some excellent diving. Because these islands have excellent underwater scenery, great visibility and generally unpolluted water makes them one of the best diving locations in the world.

Muleeaage (Former Presidential Palace) is a beautiful colonial palace located in the capital.
Hulhumale Mosque is a stunning modern mosque.
Bird watching With a good population of birds there is some good bird watching to do here.
Famous with destination weddings also.
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