Koh Chang



Koh Chang is an island in Thailand and is the second largest island in the country.Koh Chang is also known as one of the most ancient islands in Thailand  and people in Koh Chang even today follow ancient cooking methods.Its in the southeast of the Bangkok, few kilometers from Cambodia.
Koh Chang means Elephant Island, because of the shape of the Island it got its name. Koh Chang is been recognized as a popular destinations these days because of its beautiful scenery, rainforests, waterfalls, beaches and good Hiking destinations.Like most of South East Asia, Koh Chang has a pleasantly tropical climate with generally warm to hot weather and humid conditions.Koh Chang is known as a mountainous island with the highest peak  Khao Salak Phet. The island is part of the Mu Ko Chang Marine National Park.Apart from the great diving and snorkelling, the island itsel is covered with rainforests.Hiking in the rain forests with the chance to see wildlife, including monkeys and mongooses.
The routes Klong Son to Kai Bae and Kai Bae to Bang Bao are very beautiful and adventurous.Namtok Khlong Phlu is considered to be the most beautiful waterfall on Ko Chang.Beaches like Hat Kai Bae and Hat Khlong Phrao are very famous with Diving ,snorkelling ,Yoga, Reiki, Meditation and give some of the best Thai cooking classes.Ban Kwan Chang Elephant Camp at Klong Son is well known for its Elephant trek.There are 60 plus smaller island to see around Koh chang.If you are a explorer, you would surely go for it.

There are no real cities on the island, but mostly small villages.Salakpetch, Salakkork, Jekbare, Baan, Danmai, Klong Son, Klong Praw and Klong Nonsri are some of the villages.

Ko Chang Yutthanavi Day  is a festival in Ko Chang which commemorates the Royal Thai Navy’s engagement against the French at the Battle of Ko Chang on January 17, 1941. There is an exhibition by the Royal Thai Navy, and tribute rites are performed.
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