Lombok is an Indonesian island on Nusa Tenggara, part of the Sunda Islands. It is separated from Bali.Lombok's highest point is the Rinjani. It is also part of the boundary between Indo-Malaysia.Lombok has tropical, hot and humid weather and is drier than Bali.The peak of the tourist season is May to August.

The Gili Islands is a popular place for beaches, snorkelling, diving.if can swim with the turtles In Gili Islands.There are several places to sucba dive in Lambok.Tanjung A'an a beautiful area near Kuta Beach with beautiful sand is a unique place to visit.The area around Kuta is a surfer's paradise.. Narmada water park is in Mataram, this park was the relaxation place for the king during the old times. This park has a Hindu temple. Air Terjun Sendang Gile and Air Terjun Tiu Kelep is the two waterfalls which you dont want to miss.The second water falls is another one hour walk from the first waterfalls.In both the waterfalls there is a pool where you could swim and jump around the rocks.

There are several good treks around the Lambok, including 2 day hike to Mount Rinjani a 3726 metre high volcano. There are many other short treks to see water falls and many more islands.Local Sasak women offer traditional and therapeutic massage in nature and massages are given at the beachside.Biking is another thing  you can do in Lambok. Lombok is very famous as one of best pearls producer in the world.Just like in most of the cities in Thailand even Lombok offers Cooking Classes to experience the different flavour of Indonesian cuisine.

West Lombok is the administrative centre and well known for its beautiful beaches and is the gateway to the famous Gili islands.North Lombok famous for  Mount Rinjani, waterfalls, glorious scenery and home to the Waktu Telu traditions.Central and East Lombok are rural villages.South Lombok has beautiful remote beaches and surfing heaven.Gili Islands  is tiny islands of the west coast,and famous with divers and  backpackers.

Mataram is the capital city of West Nusa Tenggara and is the largest city.Cakranegara a business city closed to Mataram. It has shopping mall, stores, markets, Hinduism temple and many hotels and hospitals.Praya is  Lombok's second city and nearby to the site of the islands international airport, Bandara Internasional Lombok.Selong is the capital city of the East Lombok.Tanjung is small city which lies at the foot of Mount Rinjai's slopes.Tampenan is the city that used to be an old international harbour when The Netherlands were still controlling Lombok.

Food in Lambok is very popular .The word lombok means chili pepper in Bahasa Indonesia and although the local cuisine is quite spicy.The best known local dish is ayam taliwang.

Generally the least expensive and most popular item on the menu is nasi campur. This dish is a complete meal served on a single plate, usually consisting of rice and vegetable ingredients often incorporating either tofu, chicken, beef, fish, peanuts, together with a wide variation of cooked vegetables. As the name suggests, the meal can be a mixture of many different items.The price of food varies depending on the location on Lombok.

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