Boracay is no doubt the most famous and beautiful tropical island in Philippines with white sand long beaches.Apart from its beautiful beach, the island is surrounded coral reef gardens and huge sea life. The island is located just 2 kilometres from the island of Panay island and belongs to the Visayas island group. Boracay Island is a popular tropical island in the Philippines.From blue clear water, with a beautiful mountain range to tropical fishes to palm trees and corals Boracay has it all.Boracay is a true paradise island from the moment you land you could already feel it.There are a lot of things one can do while being in such a beautiful tropical island.Most people go to Boracay Island for the beach just to enjoy the layed back feel of the ocean.Boracay has a tropical climate with generally warm and humid conditions.

Bat Cave is one of the famous places in Boracay, for people who like adventures.Inside the deep dark bat cave is a small ocean pool at the bottom which you can swim through to get out to the ocean. To get inside the cave you must climb a large rounded mass of rock lying on the surface of the ground(with flashlights), watch out for snakes and bats as you climb.

Boracay is very famous with Scuba Diving .There are more than 40 diving sites in the island, There are differnt kind of dives for differnt people and depending on how advnetours they are.Many water sports companies along the white beach offer para sailing and Jet Ski around the Island.There are many sailing boats along the beach of boracay offering boat rides around the island, this is one of the most popular activities at sunset.A lot of great snorkelling can be done at Boracay Island. Most of the travellers go to the white beach because the corals here are very active also making it a great area for viewing some pretty big fish like Nemo fish, angel fish and other great tropical fishes. Another great snorkelling area is crocodile island which is at the back of boracay.

Beach volleyball,Walk to the crystal caves, Playing Golf, Go Karting, Horse riding around Bulabog beach, Motorbike rental around Boracay ,Climing to the top of Mount Luho to have a  view of the whole island and going to the Ariels Point ( A huge cliff with deep blue water underneath which has been set up for cliff diving) are of the Activities you can do while in Boracay.

Every October, the Boracay International Beach Festival celebrates the cultural heritage of the Boracay. Visitors can expect traditional food, songs, and dance  that showcase the rich history of the island.

And One of the most anticipated events of the year, the Boracay Food Festival is full of entertainment and fun, featuring top chef cusines, music, dancing, and of course, incredible food, the finest in Filipino delicacies.

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