Krabi is known for its unique geographical features. Krabi is known for its rocky mountains tropical rainforest and mangroves.Krabi has more than 100  islands which means you can do a lot of activities while in Krabi like scuba diving,snorkeling and many others.The weather in Krabi is very tropical ,just like any part of Thailand, hot humid throughtout the year.Krabi city is a crowded a city and is the capital of Krabi province.Krabi is a base for travelers since transportaion is easily available to nearby beaches and islands.The famous cliffs surrounding Krabi seem to challenge the hiking lovers.The rocky land between Tham Phra Nang and Rai Leh Beaches is a preferred place for hikers, with good climbing for beginners and experienced climbers. Caves in Krabi look mysterious. Traveling to these caves itself a experience to remember. Khao Khanap Nam, accessible by boat from Chao Fa Pier, has some prehistoric paintings.Viking Cave at Phi Phi Lei Island is also known for its prehistoric times. At Tham Phra Nang Nai , there is a pool inside the cave.

Ao Nang Bay
With the backdrop of forests ,Plenty of lovely beaches a long the shore,make it an awsome place to visit. The bay has several tiny islands, accessible by boat. 
Railay known for rock climbing.Railay beaches is among the best in Thailand. Railay is a quiet place.Its not a place for people looking for parties.

Koh Lanta
Koh Lanta is a lush,scenic beauty. Biggest island in Krabi province with nine sandy beaches. 

Khlong Thom
Khlong Thom is famous for Emerald Pool and hot springs.Its a large natural pool.Khlong Thom 45 kilometres from Krabi.

Tham Seva
Tiger Cave and Temple with 1200 steps to the top for a great view.The cave is 5 kilometres south of Krabi.
Picture Credit commons.wikimedia and everystockphoto

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