Kiribati  is the world greatest place for Corals.The islands lie roughly halfway between Hawaii and Australia in the Micronesian region of the South Pacific. The three main island groupings are the Gilbert Islands, Phoenix Islands, and Line Islands.Kiribati includes Kiritimati/Christmas Islands, the largest coral islannd in the world, and Banaba/Ocean Island, one of the three great rock islands in the Pacific.While Western hands have had their influence on Kiribati , yet Kiribati has mananged to maintain traditional aspects of its culture. Its a unique holiday for those few travellers who head to Kiribati.The islands of Kiribati enjoy a pleasantly warm, but humid tropical climate.The most pleasant time is from May to September. Tropical storms hit the islands during the wet season.
The largest island of all, and the largest island in the world is Kiritimati, also known as Christmas Island. The island is situated in the northern part of the Line Islands. Another island not included in those groups is Banaba, an isolated island between Nauru and the Gilbert Islands.

The islands that make Kiribati were inhabited from 3,000 B.C. onwards.

Kiribati is divided in three group of islands.South Tarawa is the capital of Kiribati, located on Tarawa Island

Gilbert Islands has 16 islands some 1,500 kilometres north of Fiji.
Phoenix Islands has 8 islands and coral islands.
Line Islands has 8 islands and a large reef.

Abaiang like many island of Kiribati  offers a fantastci remote experience.You could do hiking or biking towards the Catholic church, which has rainbow-coloured window frames. It is a 15 minute via plane and  4 hours boat ride from Tarawa.

Abemama almost became the capital of Kiribati also known for its beautiful Reefs.There is nature to explore as well and rare species of tiny yellow barking frog.
Butaritari is one of the Outer Gilbert Islands and is in fact the greenest island of Kiribati. You can see breadfruit, coconut, pandanus and other fruit-bearing trees flourishing on its rich soils.
Picture Credit commons wikimedia

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