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Thailand is sometimes known as the Golden Land due to the warmth of its beaches, year-round perfect weather and the hospitality of its people. It's also a land brimming with opportunities for exploration, excitement and exploits.

Chiang Mai and its surroundings is any adventure enthusiast's playground with a huge array of activities on offer- from outstanding mountain biking and trekking to rafting and elephant riding. You can even cycle all the way to Bangkok.



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Get intimate with the wilds of Thailand by hitting the unmarked trails. Plan for at least a 3-day trek to see mountain ridges, rainforests and experience camping in the beautiful Thai wilderness.

Surrounded by mountains and rustic farmland, Chiang Mai is the perfect starting point for trekking in Northern Thailand. With its mountainous landscape and lush jungles, Northern Thailand is a must-visit for adventure seekers and nature lovers alike.

Doi Inthanon

South West of Chiang Mai lies Thailand’s tallest mountain, Doi Inthanon with its peak rising 2,565 metres. Often considered the “foothills of the Himalayas”, Doi Inthanon National Park is famous for its numerous waterfalls and jungle trails.

Mae Tang Valley and Chiang Dao

Trekking is exceptional in the Maetang and Chiang Dao districts due to good forest, scenic landscapes and a wide array of hill tribe villages.

One hour north of Chiang Mai city lies the Maetang valley with a mountain range which not only expands to the Myanmar border but is also the source of two major rivers – Maetang River and the Ping River. The highest mountain of this range is Doi Luang Chiang Dao with its peak reaching 2,225 meters above sea level.


Halfway between Bangkok and Chiang Mai and 165kilometres of mountainous road south of Mae Sot lies a remote valley called Umphang. Due to its remote location, this charming area has maintained its authenticity and avoided major tourism development making this one of Thailand’s most rugged destinations.

Trek through the Mae Nam Khlong and Umphang wildlife sanctuary including a visit to one of South East Asia’s most impressive waterfalls, Tee Lor Su waterfall.



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Get to the heart of Thailand by exploring ancient caves and tremendous caverns like those in the Pang Mapha District of the Mae Hong Son Province. Here you can venture underground and discover wildlife, history and geology. Expert guides, like those at Cave Lodge, will escort you through geologic labyrinths, vertical caves and collapsed caves. Combine your journey with forest hikes or rafting to see even more of the Thai landscape.


Elephant Riding

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Taking an elephant ride through local Thai villages and surrounding forests is an experience no visitor to Thailand should miss. The type and length of the ride can be catered specifically to you: a half-hour ride through a local village or a 5-day trek through the jungles of Northern Thailand.            


Waterfall Abseiling

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This is perfect for those who find regular rock climbing or repelling to be a bit mundane. Throw in the force of a waterfall as you repel a slope and you get the idea of what waterfall abseiling is all about. Many hotels and travel guides have programs that allow you to abseil, or repel, down Thailand's beautiful and powerful waterfalls. You'll feel your heart in your chest as you lean over the edge of a 35-foot waterfall and the ground slowly slips beneath your feet. Most of the waterfall abseiling is done at Doi Inthanon in Chiang Mai.


White Water Rafting

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Relatively new to the Thai tourist market, white water rafting is quickly being added to many adventure trek itineraries. Rush the rapids in Southern Thailand's Phang Na province, and you're guaranteed an exhilarating ride.



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The best snorkelling is around 2 tiny island just off Sunrise Beach: Koh Kra and Koh Usen. Sunrise Beach is shallow until you reach the small islands where there is a big drop off. Because of the deeper water surrounding the two small islands you will be able to see a large variety of marine life. In general there is great snorkeling everywhere on Sunrise Beach. At low tide the best place to snorkel will be on the far north side of Sunrise Beach.


Sea Kayaking

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Enjoy the Sea Kayaking to venture deeper into remote areas and natural environment of Northern Thailand. After enjoying the Thailand’s scenery and wildlife, you should enjoy the Sea Kayaking. There is no the better way to experience the marine environment in Thailand. No big backpacks to carry; everything fits comfortably into the kayaks, which also allows you to bring additional amenities, such as big roomy tents, thicker comfortable sleeping pads, all of which add to your comfort.


Zip Lining

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Zip lining over the forest canopy is the closest you will come to feeling like a bird of the forest. Thailand is a very popular destination for zip lining. Fly through the treetops by zip line on a thrilling half-day tour from Chiang Mai. Flight of the Gibbon boasts the longest zip line in Asia: 18 zip lines wind through lush rainforest between 33 platforms, with three sky bridges and two rappel descents in the mix. See Mae Kampong falls and, if you're lucky, you might spot the elusive wild gibbons.