Sun, sand and the sea in India - Central Kerala

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The Indian peninsula hosts some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. In addition, the beaches offer a unique perspective into the life of the communities that reside by the sea.

Today, we visit the sandy shores hosted by Central Kerala on the Western Coast of the Indian sub-continent.

Kerala boasts of a 550 kilometre long coastline, with dense groves of coconut palms greeting the winds from the Arabian Sea. The quiet and undeveloped beaches of central Kerala are perfect for a relaxed start or end to a tour. The beaches of this region are close to villages of the fisher folk and it is truly amazing experience to watch these communities go about their day-to-day life.

These are some of the best beaches Central Kerala has to offer.


Chavakkad Beach, Thrissur

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Positioned in the beautiful district of Thrissur in the Indian state of Kerala at a distance of 5 km from Guruvayur, Chavakkad Beach is one of the stunning beaches along the West coast with a wandering sea shore surrounded by luxuriant coconut groves.

Easy to access, the Chavakkad beach is famous for the Azhimukam, the confluence of river and sea. On the other side of the beach is the Ramachapadam, a vast farmland of the Ayurvedic herb, Ramacham.


Thalikulam Snehatheeram, Thrissur

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Located 25 km from Thrissur in the state of Kerala, the Thalikulam Snehatheeram Beach is a perfect picnic spot to spend the day or evening. Visitors can enjoy the sandy shore, the park by the beach and lovely sunsets.

The beach is maintained by Kerala Tourism Development Corporation (KTDC), and is one of the better maintained beaches in the state.


Vallikkunnu beach, Malappuram

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Vallikkunnu is a small village in northern Malappuram under the cover of thick coconut groves. The beach hamlet is a bird haven too. If you are keen on birds, take a short drive to Kadalundi bird sanctuary, just a few kilometres away.

The beach at Vallikkunnu is nice sand patch restricted by boulder wall kept in place by the government to protect the shore from huge waves.


Padinjarekara beach, Ponnani

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Padinjarekara Beach is located 45 kilometres from Malappuram. The beach offers a breath taking view of the confluence of the Bharathapuzha, the Tirur Puzha and the Arabian Sea.

Water scooters and speed boats are some the attractions here. There is a floating coffee shop that supplies refreshments for visitors. The beach is famous for bird watching, as migratory birds are often spotted here.


Vakkad beach, Ponnani

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A boat cruise down the Tirur River starting from Aanamala and gliding through the backwaters to the estuary in Ponnani, where the river flows into the sea through Vakkad Beach is a delightful experience. Vakkad Beach is situated near Ponnani in Malappuram district, Kerala.


Munakkal Beach, Kodungallur

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The Munakkal beach in Azhikode has got the vast shore stretch around 3 km along the main beach side.  These beaches were once known as the “Gateway to India”, as these were the ports of entry for anyone travelling from the west.

This is an ideal place to sit back, relax and enjoy watching the local fishermen go about their business.


Cherai Beach, Kochi

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Cherai Beach, a picturesque beach, located on the north-end of the Vypeen Island is ideal for swimming. Lined with luscious green coconut groves and paddy fields, this sandy beach is a unique combination of the sea and the backwaters, studded with seashells of various hues and shapes. Dolphins are occasionally seen here. Thick coconut groves and Chinese fishing nets on the waterfront are added attractions.


Kuzhupilly beach, Ernakulam

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Kuzhupilly is a small village in the Vypeen islands of Kerala. The beach in Kuzhupilly is relatively less crowded compared to other beaches like Cherai beach and Fort Kochi beach.

One of the best attractions of Kuzhupilly beach is the scenic route to the beach. Once you turn to the village road from the main road, you will start feeling the real beauty of Kochi backwaters. The narrow strip of road goes through scenic backwaters on both sides.


Munambam beach Ernakulam

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Munambam beach is a beautiful, long beach near Munambam Fishing Harbour at the northern end of Vypeen. Ideal for kite flying, the beach also has many village homestays nearby. Munambam beach is situated at Vypeen in Ernakulam, Kerala.

Munambam beach is the place where the River Periyar flows into the Arabian Sea. Situated at the northern end (5 kilometres) of Cherai Beach. To protect the harbour mouth, two ramparts are constructed into the sea to about half kilometre using granite stones and concrete blocks.