Sun, sand and the sea in India - North Karnataka

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The Indian peninsula hosts some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. In addition, the beaches offer a unique perspective into the life of the communities that reside by the sea.

The 320 kilometre coastline of Karnataka is lined with beautiful palm-fringed beaches. The picturesque beauty and charm of these beaches is a major hit among the tourists to this state.

These are some of the best beaches of North Karnataka.


Devbagh beach, Karwar

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Devbagh is a stop for the quintessential beach lover. Sun, sand, surf, sea and endless open space, Devbagh is the next best thing to having a beach all to yourself.

The beach is lined with Casuarina trees, which gives it a very rustic and relaxed atmosphere. The beach also offers activities like snorkelling, speedboat cruises, banana boat rides as well as para-sailing.

Devbagh is also a good place to go dolphin spotting. The jungle nearby is a very good place to do some bird watching as well.


Kurumgad beach, Karwar

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Kurumgad Beach is a tortoise shaped Island and is located about 4 km away from Karwar. The Sri Narasimha temple located nearby, becomes a major attraction for the devotees during the annual fair, which takes place during the Pushya Purnima in January.

Approach to Kurumgad Island is mainly by boat from Sadhashivgad jetty on the backwaters of River Kali at Karwar. Kurumgad Island is just 1 km away from Devbagh Beach, Karwar. This is a perfect place to enjoy activities such as trekking, fishing, boat rides, diving and snorkelling.



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Ankola, a picturesque coastal town lying between Gokarna and Karwar, falls in Uttara Kannada district of Karnataka. Jotted with several sacred temples, this tranquil destination also possesses some of the magnificent beaches in India.

Ankola and Gokarna together form an enchanting beach trek trail that is very popular with the hiking community. Ankola offers the lazy laidback elegance that is fast disappearing from the beaches of Goa.


Mahabaleshwar temple beach, Gokarna

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Gokarna, seems to be one of those places where everybody-who-has-heard-of-it wants to visit; and everybody who has visited it, wants to go again.

The main beach of the town is located near the famous Mahabaleshwar Temple. However the entry to the beach can be crowded with all the pilgrims out for a holy dip in the sea. A kilometre away from the crowd, one can enjoy the calm and serene waters of the beach. There are a couple of shacks here as well.

This is the beach that the townsfolk hit for their morning and evening walks. It is a good place to catch the local kids enjoy a game of cricket or volleyball on the sands.


Kudle beach, Gokarna

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Kudle is a stretch of sand and sea located to the south of the main beach in Gokarna. Kudle has a real laidback feel to it. It is a pretty calm beach with shacks offering refreshments and accommodation.

It is a good place to go out for a swim, a jog along the beach or just sit back and enjoy the sunset.


Om beach, Gokarna

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Om beach is the most famous amongst several other beaches present in the town of Gokarna. Miles of white sand greet the avid beach-goer and you’ll surely be tempted to extend your holiday.

Om Beach that traces the shape of the Hindu symbol Om. Two semi-crescent shapes that join together resembling the Hindu religious symbol ‘OM’ is the reason behind the name of the beach.


Half-moon beach, Gokarna

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The half-moon beach is a really short stretch of beach accessible only by boat or a trek from Om Beach. The beach is an ideal place for tourists looking for some alone time.

The accommodation available is sparse, but offers an exquisite getaway from the hectic life of the cities. The beach is also a hit with foreigners who end up staying for months together.


Paradise beach, Gokarna

This gem of a beach is accessible only by a trek from Half-moon beach or a boat ride from Om beach. Paradise Beach is about 150 meters in length and a good 70% of the beach has rock cover all over it. The remaining section has very clean white sand.

If one decides to spend a night at Paradise Beach then camping is the only option that is available. Camping at this beach for a night is not a bad option since there is a fresh water well on the beach. The water from this well is clean and safe to drink and use for cooking.

Paradise Beach is not only cut off from civilization but also gives one the feeling of isolation. This is the perfect place to find solace and to spend some quality time in nature’s lap.


Alvekodi Beach, Kumta

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This hidden beach in the village of Alvekodi lying in the proximity of Kumta, offers white sands, crystal clear waters, solitude and peace. The path to the beach winds its way through lush green fields which ends in an unspoilt destination adorned with a white sandy beach and a welcoming tide.

There is a crumbling old light house in the nearby Brahma Devara Gudda. The place serves as an ideal picnic spot with mesmerizing view of sunset.


Kasarkod Beach, Honnavar

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The pristine Kasarkod Beach is one of the main attractions of Honnavar. Located at a distance of 2 km from Honnavar the sandy beach spreads over 5 km in length. The golden sand, the huge waves and the picturesque beauty of the place attracts tourist to this beach throughout the year.



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Murudeshwar beach, a favourite tourist spot in South India, is situated in between Bhatkal and Honnavar. The cool breeze on Murudeshwar beach can be best enjoyed either early in the morning or late afternoon. Peace-lovers can spend their evening, watching kingfishers and seagulls diving for crabs and other creatures between the rocks.

The beach also attracts visitors for the adventure of parasailing. Enthusiast can easily finds locals on the sea-beach, offering the colourful parachutes. For boat-rides, visitors can seek help of the local fishermen, who will take riders around the Kandukagiri hillock to the other section of the beach.


Jali Beach, Bhatkal

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This beach in Bhatkal is picturesque with sloping coconut trees, serene waters and crystal white sands. It is a trekker’s paradise as the rugged coastline offers plenty of trekking options, from the beach trek for the beginners to the more challenging hikes up the hills and hillocks along the rocky shores.

It is an ideal spot for a beach vacation as there are many hotels and resorts dotting the hillside and the beachfront, offering accommodation to suit any budget. The rocky hills of the Western Ghats that slope down towards the Arabian Sea making this a real unique beach experience.