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The newly formed state of Telangana in southern India offers some of the most beautiful and bewitching wildlife destinations and nature hotspots in India. These tiger reserves and wild life sanctuaries are home to a wide variety of flora and fauna.


Kawal Tiger Reserve

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Location: Kawal Tiger Reserve is located in Adilabad district of the state. The Indian government declared Kawal wildlife sanctuary as Tiger Reserve in 2012.

Attractions: The sanctuary is one of the richest Teak forests in the State with dense pristine areas free of human disturbance. The River Kadam flows through this area. Mammal species that have been sighted include tiger, leopard, gaur, cheetal, sambar, nilgai, barking deer, chowsingha and sloth bear. Star tortoises, cobra, python, monitor lizard and the crocodile are some of the reptiles found here. Visitors can stay at forest rest house at Jannaram and Macherial.

Best Time to Visit: November to May

Things to do: wild life safari and bird watching.


Eturnagaram Wild Life Sanctuary

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Location: Eturnagaram Wildlife Sanctuary is a wildlife sanctuary located in Eturnagaram village in Warangal district in Telangana, India. It is located 250 kilometres away from Hyderabad.

Attractions: The sanctuary is located near the Maharashtra, Chhattisgarh and Telangana border. It is one of the oldest sanctuaries of Telangana. The sanctuary was established in the year 1952. This large sanctuary covers 812 sq. km. of dry deciduous mixed forests.

The terrain changes from steep slopes to more gentle gradients from west to east. The Godavari River passes through the sanctuary. The vegetation here is tropical dry deciduous. It is home to tiger, leopard, wolf, dholes, golden jackals, sloth bear, chousingha, blackbuck, nilgai, sambar, spotted deer, chinkara, Indian giant squirrels and many kinds of birds. Reptiles like mugger crocodile, python, cobra, krait and star tortoises reside here.

Forest accommodation around the sanctuary is comfortable. Staying close to the reserve offers plenty of opportunities to view the flora and fauna of the region from closer quarters.

Best Time to Visit: October to April

Things to do: wild life safari and bird watching.


Kinnerasani Wildlife Sanctuary

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Location: Set within the outskirts of Khammam district of Telangana lie the Kinnerasani wildlife sanctuary which is a part of the Dandakaranya forests. The Kinnerasani wildlife sanctuary derives its name from the river Kinnerasani which cuts it into hillocks, valleys and finally drains into the river Godavari. Kinnerasani River flows into the sanctuary in a meandering way forming loops and curves giving a picturesque effect. It has become a part of Telugu poetry and folk literature.

Attractions: The wildlife sanctuary is spread over an area of 635.40 square kilometres. Within this sanctuary lies a scenic lake, Kinnerasani Lake, with densely forested islands, which is an excellent breeding ground for the endangered Marsh Crocodiles. Many perennial springs called Togus are frequently seen here.

The sanctuary has huge number of animals like sambhar, gaurs (Indian Boar), sloth bear, tiger, black bucks, hyena, chousingha, wild dogs, panthers, cheetal, wild boars, and jackals. Many birds like jungle fowl, doves, spoonbills, partridge, ducks, teals and open billed storks call the sanctuary their home. Reptiles like vipers, cobra, python, kraits, iguanas, chameleons, marsh crocodiles and monitor lizard are also found here.

A number of forest rest houses are available at Paloncha, Kothagudem and Bhadrachalam.

Best Time to Visit: October to June.

Things to do: wild life safari and bird watching.


Manjira Wildlife Sanctuary

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Location: Manjira Wildlife Sanctuary is located in Medak District of Telangana, India. It is located 50 km northwest of Hyderabad. The sanctuary follows the course of river Manjira for 36 km. The reservoir has nine small islands which contain extensive marshy fringes, which act as nesting sites for water birds. Additionally, thick cover of trees also provide nesting spots for birds.

Attractions: Dry Savannah type of vegetation is found in the sanctuary. The fishes here include are catla, rahu, murrel, karugu and chidwa. Of the wide array of birds found in the sanctuary, the most common ones are herons, teals, cormorants, pochards, black and white ibises, spoon bills and open billed as well as painted Storks.

The sanctuary was initially established to protect crocodiles, but now supports more than 70 species of birds.

Inspection bungalows at Sangareddy, Singur and Sadasivapet are available for visitors.

Best Time to Visit: November to March

Things to do: Bird watching and wild life safaris.


Pakhal Wildlife Sanctuary

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Location: Pakhal Wildlife Sanctuary is located near Warangal around Pakhal Lake. The sanctuary covers an area of 860 square kilometres. It presents a beautiful landscape with mesmerising range of low hills.

Attractions: The sanctuary provides a wide variety of flora and fauna. This bio diversity is a striking feature that has earned a name for this sanctuary attracting lots of local and international tourists.

Bamboo trees, teak trees, dry and deciduous vegetation are scattered throughout the region interspersed with patches of evergreen trees and shrubs. The forest is home ground for animals like sloth bear, sambhar, antelope with four horns, nilgai, chital, blackbuck, mountain gazelle, wild boar, panther, hyena, jackal, wild dog, porcupine and languor.

The presence of Pakhal Lake attracts a number of migratory birds during the winter. Python, cobra, common krait, monitor lizard and crocodiles are commonly found reptiles.

PWD rest house at Sulurpet is the one of the best places for accommodation

Best Time to Visit: November to May.

Things to do: Wild life safari, bird watching and nature walks.


Pocharam Wildlife Sanctuary

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Location: Pocharam Wildlife Sanctuary is a forest and wildlife sanctuary located 15 kilometres from Medak and 115 kilometres from Hyderabad. Spanning over 130 square kilometres, it was the former hunting ground of the Nizam of Hyderabad. The sanctuary is named after the Pocharam Lake.

Attractions: The sanctuary is the homeland of various species of animals and birds. Panther, sloth bear, wild boar, cheetal, sambar, nilgai, chowsingha, chinkara, hyena and jackal are the main attractions of the sanctuary. The river Manjira is the main river that adds life to the jungle. The water body is nestling for the fish like catla, rahu, murrel, ech paten, karugu and chidwa.

Best Time to Visit: November to May.

Things to do: Wild life safari and bird watching.


Pranahita Wildlife Sanctuary

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Location: Pranahita wildlife sanctuary is a protected area located in Adilabad district. This sanctuary is on the bank of Pranahita River, 35 kilometres from Mancherial town. The Pranahita River, one of the tributaries of mighty Godavari, abuts this Sanctuary on its east.

Attractions: The sanctuary is the home for the endangered black buck, chinkara and the wolf. Tiger, panther, sloth bear, cheetal, black buck, nilgai and a variety of aquatic birds as well as reptiles call the sanctuary home.

Forest rest houses at Mancherial and Chinnur are good places to stay.

Best Time to Visit: November to April.

Things to do: wild life safari and bird watching.


Shivaram Wildlife Sanctuary

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Location: Shivaram Wildlife Sanctuary is a wildlife preserve in India located 10 km from Manthani, 80 km from Karimnagar and 50 km from Mancherial.

Attractions: This 37 square kilometre riverine forest mixed with Teak and Terminalia is home to marsh crocodiles of the river Godavari. It also harbours Indian leopards, sloth bears, nilgai, blackbucks, pythons and langurs. The undulating natural terrain adds to the beauty of the sanctuary.

Forest rest house at Mancherial and Eklaspur (Manthani) are good places to stay.

Best Time to Visit: November to April.

Things to do: Wild life safari and bird watching.