Sun, sand and the sea in India - Maharashtra

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The Indian peninsula hosts some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. In addition, the beaches offer a unique perspective into the life of the communities that reside by the sea.

Today, we visit the sandy shores hosted by Maharashtra on the Western Coast of the Indian sub-continent.

Maharashtra has 720 km long love affair with the Arabian Sea and it owns some fantastic beaches that offer everything from adventurous sea surfing to sand bath to snorkelling to bird-watching to authentic coastal food.


Dahanu Bordi

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At nearly 17 km long stretch of coastline, from Dahanu to Bordi is known as one of the most picturesque beaches of Maharashtra. Located 145 km away from Mumbai, Dahanu a small village of Thane district is famous for its vast fruit orchard, especially chikoos.

Bordi which boasts some of the best and safest beaches of Maharashtra is half an hour drive away from Dahanu. The clean beach is characterised by the black coloured sticky sand. The presence of the Chikoo orchards in the background renders a sense of tranquillity to the beach. Moreover, the water level never rises above waist line till half a kilometre into the sea.

Bordi Beach, also known as the Dahanu Bordi Beach, is a popular choice of tourists for picnics, gatherings, beach walking tours and horse riding. This beach also holds religious significance for the Zoroastrians. The Mecca of Zoroastrians houses the sacred fire, which has been kept alive for more than a century. The community of Bordi mainly comprises Parsis, who offer Parsi cuisine and bungalows to tourists. The existence of Iranian and Persian culture further makes this place more exotic.

Tourists can shop for homemade chips, pickles, chikki and powder made of dried Chikoo. Khajoor chocolates, dry fruits and gooseberry candies are other special items that are popular buys. Gujarati thalis and Parsi delicacies can be enjoyed, along with seafood served in different restaurants.



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Located at a distance of 375 km South of Mumbai, Ganapatipule makes a perfect holiday destination with its captivating scenic beauty, clear water, white sands and palm trees. Unlike other beaches of Maharashtra, Ganapatipule is less crowded, making it an ideal destination to relax.

Gaywadi beach near Malgund about 2.5 kilometres from Ganapatipule is slowly emerging as the water sports hub of Ganapatipule. All the major water rides are available here at this beautiful safe beach.

Known as one of the most famous beaches of Maharashtra, Ganapatipule is home to 400-year-old temple of Swayambhu Ganapati (self-originated). You can also visit Malgund, birthplace of the renowned Marathi poet Keshavsut.