Budget Foreign Trips for the Indian Traveller

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For an Indian traveller, ever on the lookout for the next interesting experience, travel abroad seems like an expensive option. Planning a trip abroad and that too for an entire family might prove to be really heavy on your pocket. Here is a list of destinations that offer amazing travel locations and are light on the wallet as well.


Sri Lanka

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Sri Lanka, our neighbour to the south is an amazing travel destination. There is something here for every kind of traveller and, all on a budget. There are pristine beaches, treks, national parks, crowded cities and monasteries. Colombo’s huge open market will definitely attract you more than once! And for sea food lover, it’s more than a slice of heaven! Terraced tea plantations and wild jungles. Elephants and leopards, whales and monkeys, friendly people and incredible food. Ignored by travellers during two decades of civil conflict, tourism is only now starting to reappear on this teardrop-shaped island off the bottom of India.