Food Talk – Karnataka, India

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One of the best ways to connect with the places that one travels through, is to sample the local cuisine. A meal most times is the most memorable experience that we have on all our travels. If we think about it, there is a memorable experience both good and bad, associated with food on each of our travels.

Today we look at the state of Karnataka in India. As with everything in India, there is amazing diversity of local food within each state. While maize and rice are primary cereals in the northern parts, ragi and rice are the staple cereals of the southern states. For the non-vegetarians, the options range from the seafood to mutton and pork. Here’s what you should look forward to on your tour of this state.



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Karnataka offers numerous options when it comes to breakfast. There is the plain/masala/benne masale/set/khali Dosa, Idly-Vada, Kharabath-Kesribath, Rava Idlies and the Shavigebath made famous by the enterprising hoteliers of Udupi. In addition, we have the Mangalore Bun, Neer Dosa, Akki Roti, Ragi Roti, Avalakki, Patrode, Gunpangalu (also known as Gundupongla, Mane Kaavali (skillet with houses), or Poddu),  Pova Chutney (Konkani Style Spiced Beaten Rice), etc.