Things you can do in Marmaris to have a fun-filled

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Things you can do in Marmaris to have a fun-filled vacation


We look forward to vacations to feel rejuvenated. A vacation offers to open up our body and mind to new experiences thereby expanding our horizon. We should always choose vacation spots that offer us something new and exciting. In this regard Marmaris is one of the best places to spend a few days. With its array of interesting places and things to do, it can prove to be the best holiday destination for you.

Take a Turkish bath and pamper yourself

Do you feel tired? Are you worried over your excess weight? Do you want to feel fresh? Go for a Turkish bath at a hamam in Marmaris. Get yourself sweaty from the heat inside the place and later on a good rub with loofah and soap. While the heat would make your pores open up, the rub would clean your body. You may feel like nodding off during the massage. You would feel relaxed, fresh and full of energy. Pamper yourself with a Turkish bath in Marmaris and realize how good life can be.

Jeep safari – the greatest draw of Marmaris

You cannot leave Marmaris without taking a jeep safari. They are so popular that even people who haven’t been to Marmaris know about them. Back home, get ready for people asking you about it. Take plenty of photographs to show them.

You can take a jeep safari to the forests or the peninsulas like Bozburun, Knidos or Datcha. The sea would give you company and surprise you with the rugged terrain. The thrill of watching wildlife and birds while traveling through forests is immense. You would come across rivulets and drive through small creeks only to get drenched in water. Adventure in Marmaris gets a new high with the jeep safaris.

Marmaris Castle – don’t miss it

The massive castle with its history dating back to several centuries is something you must include in your itinerary. Today, the castle has been converted into a museum that houses rare artifacts. The view of the entire city from the castle is something you will never forget.

Go for some shopping

I know you never miss shopping when visiting a new place. Make it a point to not miss it in Marmaris as shopping gets a new meaning here. The grand bazaar of Marmaris is legendary with its countless shops, bars and restaurants. At every nook and corner you would have something to discover. Buy Turkish towels, handmade jewelry, leather belts and bags and even honey. Can you go back without getting a Turkish carpet? You cannot. So shop for it here or head to the villages where these carpets are made.

From jeep safaris to beach walking, from castles to shopping, Marmaris offers so many things that you would look forward to coming back again. Go for it and have a lifetime experience.


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