Top 5 Adventure Pilgrims in Himalayas

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This article is written to provide a top 5 best places that you can travel to in search of your spiritual light or in search of your adventure treks. There are quite a lot of places that are equally spiritual and adventurous, however, these are the ones that we think you should definitely travel once in a life time. 

Kailash – Manasarovar       

Its freezing cold as you gaze upon the summit on fire. And marvel as your heart’s desire comes true. Manasarovar and Mt Kailash, the holiest lake and mountain in the world, shimmer in front of you. The entire Manasarovar-Mt Kailash region is a living shrine and one of the greatest and the hardest of all earthly pilgrimages.


Location -

On the magnificent, windswept, treeless Barkha Plain in Tibet, at an average altitude of 15000 to 16000 ft

Distance Indian Side

629 KM from Delhi to the roadhead of Dharchula in Uttaranchal, then 65 km trek or on pony

Distance Tibetan Side

162 KM by bus from border at lipu lekh pass to Darchem via Taklakot.

Kailash Parikram 53 KM completed partly by bus , largely by trek. Manasarovar parikrama 95 kms by bus and can be completed by trek.

Duration : 26 days



Route from Delhi: NH24 to Rampur via Hapur and Moradabad. NH 87 to Haldwai / KAthgodam, state highways to Mangti via Bhimtal, Bhowali, Garampani, Almora, Dharchula and Tawa Ghat. Pony ride truk up to Lipu Lekh Pass via Gala, Budhi, Gunji, Kalapani and Navidhang.

The pilgrimage to Manasarovar has always been in adventure which involves traversing  landscapes of unsurpassed beauty. It is important to note that this travel is in remote foreign lands with inhospitable terrain. It is arduous, challenging and potentially life-threatening, all of which need to be taken into account whilst making preparations.


This is one of the revered Vishnu shrines associated with shaligram, the sacred ammonite stone worshipped as Vishnu by Hindus, found uniquely on the bed of the Kali Gandaki river that flows through this part of the Nepal. The area in which muktinath is situated was traditionally knows as mukti-kshetra or the kshetra where one attained salvation. The harshness of the journey, which involved crossing the Himalayas, made it not only one of the holiest ut also one of the remotest places of pilgrimage. For the most part this remains true and although it Is just a helicopter hop these days, for most visitors, it remains a great travel experience and a profound experience in terms of journey.