Pamukkale Hot Air Balloon

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When on holidays it is always recommended to try something new, a new experience that will upgrade your vacations and offer you long lasting memories. Pamukkale Hot Air Balloon is one of those excursions that are capable of offering a truly fascinating and exciting experience. Participation is not limited to groups, as this excursion is also an ideal option for solo travellers as well. Take the chance to admire the beauty of Pamukkale from above, enjoy the majestic sunrise and imposing panoramic views over the area.

The Pamukkale Hot Air Balloon is an exceptional way to discover the area and feel the flawless fairy-tale atmosphere around the clouds. The tour begins once you are picked up from your hotel early in the morning, before sunrise. The pickup service features a comfortable, modern and fully air conditioned vehicle which allows you to enjoy the ride at the maximum. Upon arrival at the hot air balloon station, a great experience follows, as you will be able to observe, understand and learn some more information about the pre-flight processes. More precisely, at the take-off station you will meet the professional pilots and instructors of the hot air balloons. By that moment, they will prepare the balloon by filling it with air and you can ask them interesting questions about the ride. Participants can take advantage of this time to snap some pictures or to enjoy a cup of coffee or tea that will be served there.

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When the hot air balloon is ready, participants will enter the basket of the balloon and get ready to enjoy this magnificent experience. The hot air balloon will start taking off and gradually reach 1.000 meters above the ground level. By that time, you will be able to enjoy a once in a lifetime experience as you will be flying above the area’s important monuments. During the hot air balloon ride, you will be able to observe the infamous Cotton Castle. The white cliffs of this mountain form terraces on their edges filled with water. The scenery is truly fantastic and it has to be noted that Pamukkale’s Cotton Castle is listed as an UNESCO’s monument of cultural heritage. Participants of this magnificent experience will also be able to enjoy imposing views over the remains of the ancient city of Hierapolis. This particular site is of great importance and during the ancient times, it was one of the spiritual and therapeutic centres of the area. This is because of the thermal waters that can be found in there.

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After spending some time on the air, the hot air balloon will gradually start to follow a descending mode for the landing process. Upon landing, professionals will assist you in order to ensure a safe and smooth procedure. By the end of this extraordinary hot air balloon ride, a celebration follows in order enjoy your special achievement and make this experience memorable. During this small celebration, drinks will be served and the professional pilots will offer you a hot air balloon flight certificate which is a great souvenir to take back home. After that, a comfortable vehicle will drive you back to your hotel full of memories and positive feelings.

Pamukkale Hot Air Balloon is ideal for people above 6 years old and includes all the necessary safety equipment. Hot air balloons are approved by the Turkish aviation authority and follow all safety standards. It has to be noted that, hot air balloon tour takes place in every period of the year, given that the weather conditions allow as such. The total duration of the tour is approximately two hours and the flight duration is approximately one hour, depending on the wind and the weather conditions.