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Thank you for your interest in Terton Travel Bhutan.

A Terton is an individual who reveals or discovers ancient Buddhist relics or texts. True to our name, we at Terton Travel Bhutan aim to facilitate every one of our guests with a special experience of discovery and spiritual fulfillment while absorbing the culture and beauty of our heritage.

In 2005, Bhutan’s sole international actor and national icon, Kelly Dorji, had a dream about the term ‘Terton’. Today Kelly personally directs Terton Travel Bhutan and his team, consisting of some of the most experienced experts in Bhutanese hospitality.

What makes Terton Travel Bhutan unique in the travel industry, apart from having Kelly Dorji at the helm of things himself, is that we are innovative in our tours, specialize in customized tour building and are intensely respectful of our visitors’ privacy and spiritual well being. Needless to say, our prices are very competitive without compromising on the value added services we offer.

Why Terton:

In Bhutan Gross National Happiness is valued more than gross Domestic Product. So it’s no wonder that we choose to put service above price for all our guests. In a world travel market where emphasis has been laid on price competition, we at Terton pride ourselves in being competitively service based. This means we work that much harder to prove that Terton spearheads Bhutanese hospitality, which is amongst the best in the world.

Terton Travel Bhutan is a licensed tour agency by the Tourism Council and Royal Government of Bhutan.