Key Factor of Buying Society Maintenance Software

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In this busy world manage all the duties under society manually has become very tough. More is the count of flats more is difficulty level of management in society. Traditional way of handling of accounts doesn’t maintain any transparency. So to overcome this problem, it is important to choose the excellent society maintenance software that manages your society smartly bringing it on your fingertips.              

The daily task of the society that can easily manageable with the society maintenance software includes:

1. Managing and maintaining society premises

2. Monitoring vendors

3. Billing and collection management

4. Accounting and Financial Management

5. Mandatory Compliances

6. Legal advisory

7. Data Document Management

8. Staff Management

9. Vehicle Management

By using software every member get the different login IDs to access the features of software. Whereas admin will get the all access to the system and get the rights to distribute authority among all the members. The account will managed by the admin who can generate the monthly and yearly bills with the single click. Here is the facility of payment gateways, so there is no need of visiting the bank for payment purpose, online transaction provides more security.